Salomon X-Scream 3D Launch And Shoe Trial

MAKE EVERY RUN AN ADVENTURE, Salomon tells us. And I agree. ^^
Thanks to an invitation by World of Sports, I attended the launch of Salomon's X-Scream 3D on Saturday, May 23 2015 at the Apartment, KLCC and also get the opportunity to try the shoes.

What is X-Scream 3D?
It's Salomon's approach to everyday diverse urban landscape running. Salomon, recognized for technical leadership in trail running footwear has built X-Scream 3D as a way to escape running on the same route everyday.

"One of the most interesting parts of running in trails is the varied landscapes and surface conditions. It adds a challenge and it's fun", explains Pete Cameron, Product Line Manager of Salomon Trail Running Footwear.

"So we've taken this same idea of changing terrain and surfaces, and expressed it for a more urban environment. The shoes need to fit precisely to hold the foot for agile movements, and grip on varied surfaces, but they also need the cushioning and ride for running on pavement."

Runner's World calls it a sturdy multitasker.
His and hers version of Salomon X-Scream 3D that were available for those who attended the launch on Saturday.

Gecko green/bright red/black for the men.
Hot pink/mystic purple/white for the women.
His and hers. 
The Hers shown here is the Petunia Blue/Spectrum colour. Quite nice too. ^^
Before our warm up session, led by Raymond Ng and later a test run of 7K around the KLCC Park, a group photo with Salomon Malaysia team, the Brand's ambassadors and people from media & bloggers. 
And I got to squeeze in for this nice shot with Salomon Malaysia brand ambassadors and respected runners in Malaysia's running scene. 

After a short warm-up session, off we went as group for a jog around the park.
We tried not only the jogger's path and the pavement, but ran on the wet grass.
The initial feel of the shoes, I like the stiff midsole and the springy feel each time my foot landed on the pavement. It feels surprisingly light too, compared to my other 6 pairs of shoes. 
The shoes that made their rounds at KLCC Park. 
After a few rounds in KLCC Park, we regrouped and made our way for brunch and product presentation.
Media reps and bloggers hard at work.

And the star of the show :

X-Scream 3D shoes begin with a fit, with Salomon's well known Sensifit and Quicklace system for outstanding foothold and comfort. Add Endofit and a seamless upper and X-Scream 3D feels great even without a sock.

Under the foot, X-Scream 3D uses a 3D Ride midsole that provides enough cushioning for hard surfaces, with flex and rolling for a nice, even stride. It is completed with Salomon's Contragrip Outsole with multi-density compound and varying chevrons (or for us laymen, it means a line or stripe in the shape of a V or an inverted V, especially one on the sleeve of a uniform indicating rank or length of service) to ensure grip on hard and loose surfaces, and long wear on pavement.
Mr Samuel Soong, product manager of Salomon Sports giving a product presentation of Salomon X-Scream 3D and also some soft products (apparels) of Salomon later on.
There was also a sharing session by Salomon's ambassadors and athletes.

I can't wait to try out my new X-Scream 3D so I continued wearing it after the launch and throughout the day, going to TM Fan Run REPC at Menara TM and later to King of Kemensah Trail REPC where me and family decided to camp out for the night there, together with a few other volunteers.
And the next morning; on Sunday, I wore my new X-Scream 3D to tackle the trail while being the sweeper for the King of Kemensah Trail, covering the 21K route.

The verdict so far : 
Feels great and cushioned on pavement : so X-Scream 3D looks like a good candidate for me to use during next month's 12-hours Back to Endurance.
Absolutely a joy too at King of Kemensah Trail. It grips nicely on the wet red clay surfaces, providing kinda a suctiony feels and this shoes is light too.
The roomy toebox is great for me too.
A good shoes for both the pavement and trails. *thumbs up*

Can't wait to try it more and see how great the shoes is.

Salomon X-Scream 3D is available in 5 colours at Salomon Pavillion, World of Sports and World of Outdoors for RM489.00.


  1. x-scream?? hehehe.. I like es-krim more dei.

    or maybe es-krim in the colors of the x-scream also not bad huh??

    hihihihi ^^

    1. Piak! nice shoes you say ice cream LOL...

    2. because the nice color makes me drooling for ice-cream mah~~ :D

  2. sounds great. love the bright colors. For safety reasons too.

    1. It has reflectors for that.

      Anyway, the colours are nice and fashionable. ;)

  3. so lucky of Mak Glam and the gang lah.. can put on such nice, colorful (and expensive) pairs of shoes before anyone could..

  4. Very catchy name, the shoes. The colors also very vibrant.

  5. wow... looks cool! My Asics getting worn out soon after 6 months :P
    I think I saw this brand name at Sports Direct in KSL city, JB. I wonder if they sell road running type of shoes ?

    1. Just Google the brand up for more research. :)


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