If It Fits, Why Not?

Even if it'll seem that we're bucking to a trend. A brand. A style.

Whatever it is that we want to do or try, even if it feels so mainstream (gasp! horror!); if it's not detrimental to our health and not inconveniencing anyone, why the HELL NOT?

Everyone seems to be into running nowadays, with race slots being snapped up quickly, and I'm not only referring to SCKLM 2015 record breaking registration being completely sold out in 5 days! Funnily enough, not everyone is embracing this sudden "craze". Not non-runners. But those who had been doing it for many years. Because new runners caught the craze, it seems. Instead of just being passionate about running.

But if everyone wants to run, why not? It's not a bad thing, right?

Anyways, I actually wanted to write about another passion of mine, other than running, and that's running shoes. Hahaha
Apart from road running shoes, I now own 4 pairs of trail shoes. OK, two of them are actually multi-terrain which mean they can be used on both road and trails.

I first own the Inov-8 (that blue shoes at the bottom of the photo). When I got it, not a lot of people know what that UK born brand is. And that was the pull for me.

Thankfully, unlike many road shoes I tried and didn't like, my Inov-8 Roclite fits me well.

Then, I needed an extra pair as my training at the trails increased to twice a week, usually Saturday and Sunday and sometimes even twice a day.

My friends recommended Salomon shoes but I wasn't too keen on the brand as it seems everyone running trail owns one and being a penny-pincher, I decided to try a cheap(er) trail shoes from Adidas. Adidas Kanadia that retailed at a mere RM160.00 when I got it. Bargain!

I got my Nike Zoom Terra Kiger simply because hubby was buying one and at RM270 a pair, it was a bargain for a Nike shoes. A joy to run in too but not exactly what people around me seems to prefer for trails.

And finally, I had the opportunity to put on a pair of Salomon shoes. An X-Scream 3D. Despite my early reluctance on owning a Salomon shoes, the pair fits me well and so far, I love it! Mainstream or not, I am happy to be wearing my pink Salomon shoes now.

My rambling, long-winded point of this post is, don't form an opinion just based on what others say or views.

Just because someone has expensive shoes, doesn't mean we have to.
Just because someone runs barefoot, doesn't mean we have to.
Just because someone hates something, doesn't mean we have to.
Just because I own 4 pairs, you have to do so too. Ahaks!

And this is also applicable in life in general too, right?

Be free to form our own opinion.
And let others have theirs.

Be free to voice our views.
And let others do so too.

Anyway, does this post makes sense at all? I'm confused too. Hahaha


  1. the first part about many people running nowadays...well it's a good thing, rite? everybody is responsible for their own health. they always say the more the merrier...whatever the reason they're running for.

    the second part about the shoes....my running shoe collection is more than my office shoe. so no doubt about that when people won't understand why do you need so many sport shoes...=)

    just my two cents

  2. I like the red colour (3rd from left), hehe...

  3. yes, if it fits why not?? as long as you are happy with it.. and if you care not about what others think, you can just do anything, haha!!!

    1. I love yoy Ah Boy!

      You get what I want to convey. Hihi

  4. wah, Mak Glam collects running shoes like SK collects Happy Meal toys!!! but a pair of running shoes can buy many Happy Meal toys!! :p

    1. But if free shoes, cheaper than Happy Meal woh. Wahaha

  5. Hahaha! What a cute post, Lina! I've a weakness for shoes too :D

  6. All 4 shoes all well worn out and served its purpose - to give comfort to your feet. Your post's not confusing at all hehehe i absolutely agree if it fits, why not. The most important thing is you, that you are pleased with it and your hard trained feet thank you for it.

  7. I also have 4 pair of shoes, but is 2 work shoes, 1 slippers and 1 jogging/walking shoes. Like that count or not? XD

    My jogging/walking shoes leh, is a pair of Vibram FiveFingers. You so pro into running, I'm sure you know what it is. I bought it when I was in the US, I was shopping and there was this Colorado marathon champion giving talk on how awesome it is to run barefoot and almost barefoot. I thought it was cool, so I bought a pair, US$45... At first tak biasa with it, but now I love it leh...


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