The Long Labour Day/Wesak Day Weekend - Kemensah Trail

Continuing from my previous post, where we covered 50K in Putrajaya within 12-hours, from Thursday night to Friday morning.

Still taking advantage on the long 4-days weekend, we decided to do a hike in Kemensah on Saturday. 

Son didn't want to tag along so after making sure (or making sure he promised) he'd do his homework, wash his shoe, etc etc, we head out early on Saturday morning.
But first, breakfast IS A MUST!

Don't go for a hike/run/walk/workout on an empty stomach! Ensure tummy has something at least 30min prior your morning workout. 
And these guys were already waiting at the RV point, having breakfast when we got there.

The guys had planned to do a 40+K hike and go on rubbish collecting trek along the Kemensah trail as there were still plenty of garbage being left there by some irresponsible people. They had done a trip two weeks ago and managed to bring down 20kg worth of rubbish from the trail! *horror*

The group tried to locate as many rubbish (mineral water bottles, isotonic bottles, power gel packs, general rubbish) and push it to the middle of the trail on the way up so that it would be easy to pick them up on the return hike.

Locate on hike up. Pick up on hike down.
One final group photo before the guys sped ahead. They had more mileage to cover than what hubby and I had wanted to do.

For us, we hiked up to Lubuk Tedung and from the Rocket tree, there are two junctions and trails to choose from. We did part of both.

We trekked up to the river on the right side first and stopped to rest before continuing to the left side, and also trekked up to the river point.
To get to this point, it's about 8-9K from where we started our hike. 
We decided to dip our feet in the cold river and even enjoy a tea break.

Lepaked/rested there for almost one hour before we retraced our track back to the Tree and then we turned left and use the trail that was used during a trail race a few weeks ago. Nice, runnable and spacious trail from this point onwards.
We weren't keen on getting our feet again so we hiked up to this river point before turning back again.

The rest of the group also used this route and headed towards Sg. Pusu.

A word of reminder for those who wants to try out this route; please ensure that your hydration and fueling is ample to last the (probably) long hours trek. Bring not only water but food too. 

This was our first time following the route on the left side of the tree (although we hiked in Kemensah a few times before) but we were guided by the markers and signs that were still left on trees by the trail race that was held a few weeks earlier there.

Either follow the markers or just follow the rubbish left along the trail. We know it's from a race as there were the same brand empty mineral water bottles and the same brand empty isotonic bottles that were strewn about. Huh.

All  I can say is, what a load of crap to see rubbish being left so wantonly in the nature by those who supposedly love nature!
Very noticeable along this trail were salak fruit trees. Most were already been harvested and the ones that were left were either not good or too young, like the one in the photo above. 
It took us a slow 6hours and 30minutes to complete this 21K hike, pausing to gather empty bottles and also looking for salak fruits (not to mention eating nasi lemak while dipping our feet in the river).

We reached the starting point and ordered instant noodle and ABC for lunch at a stall while waiting for the others' return.

They all returned about an hour later after disposing the garbage they collected. They got 3 bags this time too! Why are there so much rubbish in the trail nowadays???!

We all should learn to bring back out what we took in when we go for a hike. 
The route Hubby and I took on Saturday.
 Later that evening, we headed out again and this time for dinner. At a place near our house.

Son wanted to eat Paprik Ayam and Kailan Ikan Masin and that's what we ordered for him.
Mommy and Daddy shared this Steamed Siakap while occasionally "curi" some of Son's Kailan dish. Hahaha

It was a good dinner and we enjoyed it a lot.


  1. Your family had a wonderful healthy and happy long weekend. I was around in KL too while my friends jammed the highways to reach Penang in 8.5 hours! Goodness Mama!
    This is good advice that we should cart along enough food and drinks to stay alive during this long hikes. Your photos reminded me of Mt. Kinabalu where I suffered so much alone as it rained all the way up!

    1. Why so suffer Anay? Where were the rest of your group? Terrible lah them let you suffer.

    2. There were only 3 of us going up to Mt KK and the other gal was my wife's student who invited us. She kena AV pains that morning and took a taxi home instead so, Anay & Letchumy climbed up. I had & still have slight joint pains, so I took ages. Letchumy and the guide reached the top 3/4 in 4 hours while I took 9 HOURSSSSS!!!!!!!! I stopped, rested and snapped many photos while everyone overtook me up in the drizzle. Bwahahaha

  2. I do not know if i can do it if i go there, might drop out halfway...

    1. The thing is, we need to train and gradually build up our strength and endurance.

      Like Anay who trained to climb up Gunung Kinabalu.

      Don't think about whether you can or will drop off but rather, if you aim for it, work towards it, right? :)

  3. Kudos to the group for cleaning up the rubbish on their hike. Very civic minded people.

    1. Unfortunately, there were equally non civic minded people around.

  4. what a nice long weekend spent doing something you like..

    and I love that water trail, sure cooling and refreshing if you dip into the water huh??

  5. what a waste you didn't find any good salak on the tree to bring home.. but would those second grade ones be good enough to make salak jeruk??

    good boy Raimie doing his homework and wash his own shoes..

    1. Well, we can always buy them. Hahaha

  6. I like how you guys have proper, human food before hiking/running, instead of those protein shakes lah, energy bars lah and whatnot..

    And I think one of these days you should travel to the US. If you are into hiking, you will love the national parks there, hike and camp for 1 whole week or more!

    1. I'm not against energy food as I do take them. They are more convenient to carry during races.

      Yeah, would be nice to see the parks in US but that said, we have plenty of nice trails in Malaysia too!

  7. aiyo...another trail!! You guys really like energizer bunnies...hahaha...
    I still training for my HM... will take a while before I do such run!

    1. All the best with your training! :)


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