Tuesday, 5 May 2015

The Long Labour Day/Wesak Day Weekend - Malls and Broga

I wrote about finding salak trees and fruits in my previous post; where both Hubby and I went for a hike in Kemensah on Saturday.
For my Sunday's post, how about Gajus or cashew? There are a whole row of the trees in Putrajaya and they're fruiting rather nicely now.

I mentioned this before and I'll mention it again. Putrajaya is actually a treasure trove of local, indigenous trees and all we need to do is to step out, take a walk and appreciate them instead of zooming everywhere in vehicles.  
We decided to give a treat to Son and bring him to the Bukit Bintang area on Sunday. Left the house at 2:00pm but before driving over, we stopped for lunch first.

A rojak and cendol lunch. 
Then off we went to first Lot 10, then Fahrenheit 88 and then Pavillion and finally Sungei Wang. Son had wanted to look for some t-shirts so we just went from shop to shop letting him look and choose. 
Didn't find anything to his liking but all wasn't wasted as Mommy and Daddy were able to pick up their race kit for Sunday's Route 68 Challenge. 

Mommy and Daddy will be running in the 50K category this time and decided not to be hardcore and do the 68K.

Later, we drove over to Paradigm Mall. 

A bit of walking around and it was time for dinner.
Our choice for dinner was The Chicken Rice Shop. Good service here, waaaaaaay better than the one we experience at The Mines. Only grouch, why is it that whenever we want to order the beef stew, they always run out of that particular dish???

Despite the fact that we planned to hike up Broga Hill on Monday, with the people of Kids Trail and Hiking Malaysia, we only got home after 10:00pm. Instead of sleeping early, Hubby and I proceeded to make ice cream. Those ice cream Malaysia one lah... To bring over to Broga for the kids who will be joining the Broga Hill hike to enjoy.

Monday morning started early for us. At 5:00am, so that we could get our stuff ready for the hike.

We arrived to the foot at Broga Hill at 7:00am and several families with their kids were already there.

A briefing and a group photo and then off we went to start the hike.
Some of the kids who came for the hike. Age range from 3 - 15.

The aim for the hike was to expose children to nature and hiking so speed was not important but rather, the enjoyment of the little participants was put on the upmost importance.

A few of us served as sweepers and marshalls and we also brought up food so that the kids could have a picnic at the peak.
Group photo after the picnic session before everyone hiked down.

We also brought garbage bags with us, so when we hiked down, we took along ALL our rubbish and also picked up those left by other hikers.

It is very important to lead by example and this group showed that. Teaching good values from very young.
Later, everyone gathered at a drink stall near the arch of Broga Hill and were treated to drinks - coconut drinks and/or soft drinks. Another picnic session!

There will be another session that the group will organise and I heard that it will be a BBQ by the river session for the next one.

For those who are interested to join, do head over to their FB page for updates.

Maybe I'll see you there? ^^


  1. Saw friends posted pictures about Broga Hill in FB, nice place...

    1. Quite popular place as it is easy to hike up.

  2. A very productive time, Lina.. Besides family bonding, this is a very healthy activity as well... Thumbs UP!

  3. Haven't seen buah gajus for a long time! It;s very good that kids as young as 3 joined the hike.

    1. Come come to Putrajaya. Plenty there to see (and eat)! Hihihi

  4. oh gajus!! i love that.. and it's nice to see the real thing, i mean not those already roasted and salted and packed in plastics.. i wanna ask, are those fruits really jambu air?? or shall i ask, cashews are the seeds of jambu air ke??


    1. No la, the fruit looks like jambu air but doesn't taste the same. Actually it taste similar to belimbing buluh. And pne can cook with it.

  5. oh, that as surely a very very nice long weekend of the Glam Family.. everyone gotta do what they love to do, and in the end, also spending time doing the activities together..

    nice hike up to Broga Hill.. Uncle SK still has not been there yet dei~~

    1. Go la. Later can brag already climb up Broga Hill. Lol

  6. I would prefer ice cream over BBQ as reward for after hike! :D



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