Wednesday, 6 May 2015

The Magnificent Merapoh Trail On Sep 5th, 2015

Photo credit : Laili Basir
There is an interesting trail race coming our way in September and it's located in my "kampung"; in Pahang. In Merapoh, Pahang to be exact. For those who wants to know about Merapoh, this post (click to read) can give an insight.

A 30K and 60K trail race, through bushes, rubber & palm oil plantations, streams and even caves!
Photo credit : Razif Yahya
Excerpt from TMMT website :

"The Magnificent Merapoh Trail (TMMT) is founded as an event to #savemerapohcaves. Our main objective is to preserve national heritage and save Merapoh caves, which inclusive of at least 85 precious limestone hills and dozens of rare species of flora and fauna. These national heritage is under the threat of destruction from a big-scale planned cement production project in Merapoh.

The organiser of TMMT is working closely with the local people to promote sport and outdoor events in supporting local eco-tourism. The next three years will be dedicated to create more events in Merapoh including trekking, trail running, MTB, caving and adventure trips.

TMMT is a trail race with 30km and 60km categories. Participants will run through beautiful trail of Merapoh, caves and wade through rivers. This race is a fast course with less technical sections and cater for beginner trail runners. Cut off time of 12 hours is given to both categories 30km and 60km. Come to Merapoh this September and fall in love with our beautiful trail". End quote.

Yes, the aim off this trail run is to create awareness on the existence of such a lovely place that can be enjoyed by nature lovers which is now under threat from development.

Which would you prefer? People visiting the place for what is has to offer or have a huge cement plant built and in process destroy the eco-system there?

The trail run is brought to us by the people of #savemerapohcaves, under Laili Basir and also the organiser of Cyberjaya Fire Fighter Half Marathon and Twin Cities Marathon.

Learn more about Save Merapoh Caves here.
Also about HUGS project here.
And of course, the TMMT page here.

For the registration fee of RM250 for 60K category and RM200  for 30K; participants would get :
  • Entrance fee to Taman Negara
  • Permit for camping (own tent) in Taman Negara
  • 2 dinner, 1 lunch, 2 breakfast
  • Finisher Tee
  • Finisher Medal
For those needing transportation to race site, there will be a chartered bus from Putrajaya Sentral to Merapoh. Transporation fee is RM100 or USD30 (not included in the registration fee).

I have to say that I am mighty interested in joining this with hubby. Especially so when it is in my own birth state. Gotta support my state's activities! Plus, we have relatives staying there too!

The only reason I'm hesitating now is because it's too near to another race I have registered for. But doing 30K should be OK, right? After all, the cut-off is 12-hours. It'll be exciting for me to have a 2 nights camping experience and also do a trail run.

Registration for The Magnificent Merapoh Trail is already open and the number of participants is limited to 500 runners so if you're keen, do head over to TMMT website for more details and for registration. Or for further inquiries, email to

Let's support eco-tourism activities and say no to nature destroying development!


  1. i see streams and caves!!! that would be very interesting..

    this is really something very eco.. Mak Glam must not miss this!!!

    go go go!!! and can take the opportunity to go back to your kampong~~


    1. Haven't decided yet.

      I have a 60K race two weeks after this one. ;)

    2. two weeks apart is okay lah..

      this run has got you streams and caves, not common right??

      hihihihi ^^

  2. You are going for this??

  3. Go for it Lina! You can handle two races I am sure. Have fun!

  4. going to register or no...but two weeks apart worthe can do it! Jiayoh. T

  5. I have never heard of this Merapoh! Good thing you joined this trail run and highlight the place! :)

    1. It's just a small place in Pahang, near Gua Musang.

  6. My first run confirmed to me that all runners are such nice, warm, friendly and happy person, just like lina.

    I have not signed up any run after King of Bukit Larut, though there are 2 runs in August at Taiping. Yannie is still uncertain whether want to join.

  7. This run sounds interesting and unique with trails through plantations and caves! Runners might be fortunate to see wild animals and wild plants too! I love such experience.



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