Friday, 14 August 2015

The Weekend In Sungai Lembing

So I registered and ran in the King of Sungai Lembing last Sunday.

We thought we'd make a weekend vacation trip out of it, and decided to head to Sungai Lembing on Friday evening to ensure we had more leisurely time before our run on Sunday.

Hubby who was a volunteer/crew in the King of Sungai Lembing had assured me that he only needed to report to duty on Sunday and we'd have time on Saturday for sightseeing and have a relaxing Saturday. 

Or so we thought! Hah hah

Damn kepoh people like us ended up being busybodies at the race venue instead of going sightseeing. Even our son got roped in to help. Poor boy. Good thing he didn't mind. ^^

We arrived Sungai Lembing at around 4pm, having started our journey after the Friday prayers and immediately after picking up Son from school. 
Still in his school uniform when we got to Pahang! From Bangsar! 
While hubby went out to help the organiser with the setting up of race bunting along the main street of Sungai Lembing (and play time riding bicycles. So jealous of him lah), I stayed behind and kepoh-kepoh with the ladies, tying up race checkpoint ribbons and later making hampers.

Friday night was spent separately before our BBQ dinner. Mom here. Son there. Father over there. Huhuhu

Hubby went with the menfolk to check out the race course after it got dark. He knew I wanted to join too but it wouldn't be nice so I stayed behind, helping out with the filling in of goodies into the race pack. It was done quickly and pretty soon it was time for the men to return (sound so primeval, eh? Hahaha) and time for dinner at the organisers' place. 

Yeah, we were kinda shameless enough to join them for dinner. Hohoho
And I even feasted on a lot of durians! Yummssss! 
The next morning started late for hubby and I. Son had spent the night with his friends so Mommy and Daddy had the room all to themselves. 

We decided to go out for a short walk, checking out the place.
 Nothing too far. I still have yet eaten breakfast, after all!
The road leading into Sungai Lembing.

Friendly folks around. The uncle whose shop we went into to buy some shop wished us best of luck for our run. ^^
We had wanted to visit the Sungai Lembing Museum and the mining tunnel but somehow never had the time to do so. Ah well...
As early as 10am, runners started coming for the race pack collection on Saturday. I somehow got myself behind the collection counter. At first, just taking photos of the runners who came by and later, kepoh again by helping in getting their event t-shirts sorted.

Yeah, that was me, looking over to see what t-shirt sizes needed to be passed to the people manning the collection counter. Manyak kepoh. Lucky never got chased out. Hahaha
While I was busy at the race pack collection site, hubby went with the menfolk (again) to the race course for route marking.
But it did seem like he was having way more fun than I did!

He even got to play in the river! No fair!
Son was pretty busy helping out too.

But he did have some play time with his friends.

And even got to be a part-time baby-sitter. LOL

After spending the whole day on my feet, and finally had everything sorted by 7pm, I had an early night and went to bed by 9pm. Alas, the sleep I had hoped for was interrupted by noises from other rooms and later the heavy rain.

In the end, the grand tour for me of Sungai Lembing was done on feet. With me running part of the 50K route of King of Sungai Lembing.
But hey! I got to ride this "roller-coaster" jeep for free, along with 15 other runners.

The ride was so FUN!

Arriving the Start/Finish line, I rested and caught up with friends who were already there. 

I had my Son brought my camera to the finish tent so I could snap photos of friends who were already there and also of those finishing.

I was still waiting for friends who have yet finish their run but missed a few as I was called to take photos of the winners during the prize giving ceremony for the 50K category.
Hubby arrived after 4.00pm after being told not to continue with the rest of the route (about 4K to go) and the runners with him was instructed to stay off the race course.

We lepaked a bit and then head back to our room. The homestay owner of the room we had booked was nice enough to let us still use our room to shower and freshen up after our run. 
We headed for dinner at a nearby place later and was greeted by our friends who were there, just finishing their dinner.
And they recommended this.

Nasi lemak with freshly fried, piping hot chicken. Yummy!

We made our way back to KL at 6.30pm and luckily the road was rather clear and arrived home at 10.00pm. We were worried that Son might be too tired for school the next day but he was adamant not to miss school and true enough, everyone was up as usual by 5.45am the next morning. Son for school. Mommy and Daddy later head to work. 

Sure, we didn't really get to explore the small town of Sungai Lembing as a family so I think we need to return for a proper visit. As a tourist though. Not as a runner. ^^


  1. Loves the durian and the dinner you had...

    1. Dinner was simply barbecued chicken n corns though. Haha

  2. lina, after being King of Bukit, you are King of Sungai. When will be King of Lembah, King of Tasik, King of Hutan, King of Pantai and so on. By the way, I am curious with the noises that waking you up from your next rooms in the hotel, didn't you make your own noise? Kekekek!

    1. Aiyoh, I stay in a homestay, the lower levels were dorms. So noisy lor...

  3. long time no see your Anak, and he looks like a grown-up man in the photo in his uniform..

    he surely is a big abang now.. part time babysitter huh?? hehe~~ :p

    1. Hahaha

      Ya, big boy in green pants dy. ;)

  4. haha, the ladies kepohing at home while waiting for the men to return home.. yeah, primeval that is.. :p

    but what's not so primeval was that, Mak Glam didn't cook for the men lah, hihihi ^^

    1. Someone did ask (or instructed) but more modern man took charge of the BBQ. :P

  5. What a happy and loving family to live, work and play together!
    The durian looked unusual and nice. Satu ulas satu ulas.

    1. Hope we stay this way for a long time. Before Son grows older and get busier. ^^



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