Breakfasts At Equatorial Bangi-Putrajaya And Petty Grouses

For the restaurants, we only went to two of three of Equatorial Bangi-Putrajaya restaurants. (Zaini doesn't like Chinese Food or going into a Chinese Restaurant so Golden Phoenix is not on our must go and try list).

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Upon entering the Cafe, the first question the staff asked us was for our breakfast voucher. I don't know about you, but there were plenty of times we checked-in to a hotel and given breakfast vouchers but the staff would normally seat us first before checking for our vouchers especially since there wasn't any other outlet that provides breakfast there. I guess it comes from dealing with mostly corporate guests and not too many walk-in or individual holiday makers. Call me petty...

Instead of being ushered to a table, we were left to find a table on our own after checking our vouchers. I can't help noticing flies getting rested on a few table napkins but Zaini told me not to blame the hotel for this. After all, doors open and fly can fly in. BUT at the very least the staff can shoo them away, right?

And don't expect the staff to flick open your napkin and place it on your lap here. You have two hands, you can very well do it yourself instead of acting like a pampered poodle (like me!). Requesting for coffee may mean you are served with coffee only. If you want milk with it, you may have to request for it instead of them asking whether you'd like one. And they didn't clear away the unused cups and plates i.e. we sat at a table for four. Normally, restaurant staff would clear away surplus cutleries, leaving only two sets to use so that the table is clear. Too much clutter on our table, we cannot put food on it!

The breakfast buffet spread was pretty much what one would expect from a breakfast spread. You have the continental choice - cereal, bread, cheese, sausages, french toast and you have the Asian choice - Nasi Lemak, noodles and even a Japanese counter here with natto available. Pretty decent spread I should say.

Zaini sulked a bit when he was informed that the restaurant don't serve green tea with the buffet. Well, we are not at Renaissance Club Level where pretty much what we wanted to eat can be arranged and we can drink whatever tea we want. We are not pampered poodles here! LOL And no Twinnings tea here, thank you very much. Although they do have Dilmah tea (but we're suckers for Twinnings!)

What we had for breakfast:
No need to overstuff our face with the buffet selection. Got to watch our food intake! But we did have fun counting how many yogurts one of the guests took! He made about a dozen trip to the yogurt counter and each time, the guy took four cups of yogurts. He can have a yogurt for breakfast at home for a month! LOL

So, what's our conclusion of our 3D 2N stay at Equatorial Bangi-Putrajaya. Nice, spacious and clean room, nice view, mostly friendly staff. Service was not 100% to my liking, but then I have very high standard. Even though the hotel in not near to the main road, noise can still be heard of the nearby road and from airplanes to/fro KLIA.

I have a few more grouses to make to the Management since I am a fussy woman:

If one of your staff (Managers or otherwise) decided to "tapau" or take-away any food from the buffet spread, I would say it is more prudent for them to put the food on a plate rather than putting the food in a plastic food container in full view of the guests. Can I also take-away my food then?

I'm not sure about the rest of the room, but our room's shower are not exactly a kid friendly as the shower head was positioned too high. And no there were no kids meals available in the in-room dining menu. I guess family getaway is not exactly their target market here.

A certain frequency in sweeping/clearing the area from all the dead leaves should be made. Due to the greenery surrounding the hotel, it was inevitable that there'll be leaves falling everywhere. But, when the car-park, hotel courtyard and pool area were strewn with dead brown leaves, it lent a certain neglected feel to the hotel.

Overall, Zaini and Raimie likes the hotel just fine, so I guess that's good enough for me. But good enough may not mean a repeat visit. Heh heh


  1. Ooh..yummy breakie! :)

  2. i'm seeing a lot of yummy food today. :D

  3. @Mei Teng, Superman & Life Ramblings,
    they do say breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

    Everyone had their breakfast yet? :)

  4. Some hotels have so many tour group bookings that you'll see the whole buffet area packed with the Chinese-looking tourists in the morning and evening sometimes. That's the time when you can gauge the stress level of the customer service. Usually I see tables not cleaned, all the dirty dishes here and there. Just lol.

    I'm of the same mind as Zaini, it was not too bad, especially as I know some other hotels couldn't do as good. XD

  5. You are a good mystery shopper. Give the hotel so much feedback. :)

  6. @Jim,
    You won't see me where tour groups like to go! I like to have my meals in peace that why I like to be at either Executive or Club Floor. Certainly no tourist there! But so damn expensive lah... if no automatic upgrade for us.

    hahaha... anyone looking for mystery shopper, please give me a tinkle. :D

  7. Wah, I myself don't go to the executive floor that often! In fact unless I'm invited by family members I won't even get to go there. But yes executive is expensive. You don't get special treatment for nothing XD

  8. @Jim,
    Yes, they are more expensive than the lower floors for a reason. But you get personalised service (check-in, check-out, butlers, lounge access, clothes pressings and shoe shines,etc) and peace and quiet, that is money well worth spending!

    What I like most is that the staff will treat you like an individual and actually remember your name and chat with you and not just the perfunctory "Welcome back Mr & Mrs so and so" at check-in counter.

    Every little gesture counts for me.Of course, if the hotel is nice enough to upgrade us, much better!LOL

    Whenever I checked out from a hotel happy, a Thank you card will always be sent to the Hotel Management and staff. I don't tip(sorry!), but I will give feedback and let management know of any staff's outstanding service.

  9. I think you are one fussy lady! Haha! I think this hotel is very good already based on what you write. But I guess I will never stay there unless i win a free hotel stay or something! LOL!

  10. @foong,
    Now you know... LOL I'm fussy about the hotel I stay in, that's for sure. :D

    But the rate at Equatorial is not that bad lah... if you want to just laze around in a quiet hotel somewhere near and have a break, I'd say Equatorial Bangi-Putrajaya is a good option.

  11. That's a very appetizing start for the day!


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