A Night Swim

Lounging at the balcony just now, we saw that our apartment's swimming pool was empty so we decided to have a swim. It has been quite sometime since we swam here because it was always full of noisy people and we don't really appreciate crowds (not to mention that we are only at home during the weekends).

Raimie of course, was ecstatic to be able to go for a swim. He is one boy who loves water, but until now, despite our efforts to teach him to swim, he still unwilling to do so. (Unwilling as in, not wanting to let go and make effort to actually try to float himself without any help).

I decided to practise using our new Sony T90 camera, playing around with the features. Here are some photos of our apartment's swimming pool taken with different settings just to see the difference.

Will try and practise for more night photos in future. My photo taking session at the pool had to be cut short because it had started to rain.

I had quite a workout today too. Had an evening jog then a night swim and a bit of "exercise" at home afterwards. And it's yet 10.00pm! :D


  1. Night swim is good so you don't get sunburned. I used to swim in the evenings.

  2. @Mei Teng,
    definitely no sunburn. I've always like to go for a swim either early morning or at night because there'll be less crowd at that time. :)

  3. When I was living in a condo, I seldom use the swimming pool, not even my son. It was crowded because we have outsiders coming in to swim in the pool. Our security guards were sleeping. :(

  4. @ECL,
    Outsiders swimming in the condo pool? Nobody complained to the management?

    At my place, there used to be an incident where a number of Vietnamese who rented an apartment here, used the swimming pool as their bathroom and just wore their underwear to swim in the pool. After a few complaints for irate owners, they were nowhere to be seen. We're not against foreigners but a certain courtesy to others is crucial when using common proprety. Imagine seeing them running around the pool in their underwear and brushing their teeth and taking their shower there. Made all ladies scared to have a morning swim after that.

    Lucky our management body acted on our complaints, and I have to give them credit for ensuring the pool cleanliness too. Can't say the same about some of my friends' condo pool. :(

  5. Any thoughts about sending Raimie for swimming lessons? I think it'll help him :)

  6. @Jim,
    A swimming class will definitely be good for him. I think he won't fool around so much as opposed to when we tried to teach him. :)

  7. It's better to have the whole pool to yourself right? I don't like crowds either! Btw, I can only swim in shallow water since I don't know how to swim! : )

  8. @foong,
    shocking! LOL
    Then come to my house lah, practise swimming together with Raimie. :D

  9. That was a nice workout you had. It's refreshing to take a dip in the pool at night, it's a lot more peaceful.

  10. @Ayie,
    Yes, way more peaceful at night. And much cooler too. :)


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