Enjoying The Pool At Equatorial Bang-Putrajaya

The pool area was really nice and when we were there, there wasn't any noisy crowd at the pool. Plenty of "Mat Salleh" sun-bathing and a couple of families and kids in tow but it didn't feel crowded or noisy.
The pool is a free form pool surrounded by lush greenery. May not be an ideal pool for those looking to do a few laps but definitely great for others who just want to be in the water, horsing around.

It was also nice to use the jacuzzi pool without having it turn into a kiddie pool by some kids.
Even though the pool is next to Cafe LaVista, the view is somewhat blocked by all the coconut trees planted around the pool. Made a nice change from the pools at Marriott or Boulevard hotel which gave the restaurants' guests a full unhindered view of their pool.
A totally nice place to just laze around at.

The surrounding area was nice too and they got a koi fish pond too.


  1. Wow this Equatorial is really green green green. Yeah it's true about the pond, it's a bit small for proper swimming but who cares about swimming when there's koi to look at? xD

  2. Really nice. I like the fish pond. So many nice fish.

  3. Th pool is very nice, it's very much designed for people to enjoy it by lounging around the area.

    Ummm, where is you pic in the jacuzzi? =P

  4. @Jim,
    Those Koi are so sued to humans feeding them, that they all swim towards you when you stop by to enjoy the view. Pity, we didn't have any bread to throw at them.

    Plenty of colourful fishes there.

    There was Zaini in the photo, so I don't think I'll be posting the jacuzzi photo just yet. :D

  5. Hmmm, those koi remind me of some pigeons in downtown who always flock by whenever somebody (usually a pious Hindu) throws seeds or leftovers on the ground. So greedy ah? While they're minding about their food, here we are adoring them saying how cute they are! LOL!!! XD

  6. @Jim,
    those were indeed greedy fishes. :D But we're all suckers for those fish. :P


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