Meeting A Fellow Blogger

I met with Yatie of on Monday and had a nice lunch with her at Little Penang Cafe, MidValley. Not only did she treated me for lunch, she got me some nice souvernirs too! Thanks Yatie!

The clogs keychain was from her trip to Amsterdam, which she went for a training and the Hong Kong magnet was from her trip with her family to Hong Kong and Disneyland. Isn't that nice of her? Everyone was saying how nice the Hong Kong magnet was.

Our lunch meeting was the first time I met her proper. We did went to the same Nuffnang-Friso Day Out event in Novemeber last year but didn't get to meet and talk to each other. I started reading her blogs after I searched on similar blogs entering the Nuffnang-Friso Day Out Event.

The most creative blog stood to win a trip to Hong Kong, which Yatie and her family won. I didn't go back empty-handed though, as I managed to get a RM100 MPH voucher that day.


  1. Wow..I would like the RM100 MPH voucher ;)

  2. That RM100 voucher comes in handy for some books... save one for Raimie eh. :D

  3. Alamak! You not coming to Singapore to meet me lah. :(

  4. @Mei Teng,
    It was a good gift and we bought books for me and Raimie with it. :)

    That's why!!! Sad lah cannot meet ECL yet. Sob sob :(

  5. RM 100 voucher can already buy me 3 to 4 books. I'm sure you will find it very handy :D

  6. Oh I just saw Yatie's website. It's not a blog already, it's her world over there. Congrats to her for winning the Nuffnang-Friso Day Out, she deserves it :)

    And you still have the voucher? I guess you must have used some of it by now.

  7. @Jim,
    ya true! Shouldn't call Yatie's site a blog. :D

    Already redeemed the vouchers and Raimie got three new books.:)

  8. Oh! I remember the Nuffnang Friso event you blogged about last time : )

  9. @foong,
    good memory lah you! :)

  10. It's nice to meet a fellow blogger, I hope I can get the chance to meet you too!

  11. hihih... my world? family's world..

    lina no problem.. maybe next time boleh keluar lunch lagi sekali or lagi 2-3 kali

    japanese food??

  12. @Yatie,
    Set!!! My treat. :)

  13. i'll take note of that lina! ;)


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