No Go For Singapore Trip In June

A bit of a downer for me because my highly anticipated Singapore trip on June 8 has to be postponed indefinitely. (I loath to use the word "cancel").
We'll still be on leave from June 8 - June 10, but the venue got to be somewhere near. Oh well, maybe this is the time for us to "Cuti-Cuti Malaysia".
Nonetheless, Singapore - wait for me! LOL


  1. WHAT!?


  2. @ECL,
    I'm disappointed too... :(
    I'm still keeping my fingers crossed for a visit there soon and kacau ECL. ^-^

  3. Awww.........that's too bad. i feel sorry for you. but whylah cancel?

  4. Don't worry, it will just be "postponed" like what you said. It will push thru eventually so don't be so disappointed anymore. =)

  5. @Life Ramblings,
    let's just say, difference in opinion. :D

    yeah, I have to keep an optimistic mind about the trip. :)

  6. Lina!!!!!!!!! How have you been?

    I'm back already, and I visited MM too. Tell you something, I got leaflets from people distributing them when I was on the way from the KTM Komuter station to North Court. It's Half Price Season to travel to Singapore now. Better check them out (or the website) and grab the offer. Oh do say yes, I so want to meet you lah. xDD

  7. @Jim,
    definitely no Singapore for me in June.... I've even paid the cancellation penalty for canceling my plans. Sad... :(

    But never say never... That's what I say. If not in June, there's another 11 other months to go there. LOL

  8. Hmmm, ok then. I'll make plans to visit KL on weekdays in the future. Then we can go makan in Kiku Zakura hehe.

  9. @Jim,
    Go Yuzu better. I can get discounts. LOL

  10. Eh, why suddenly cancelled? Now's half price season in Singapore for malaysians. Wasted if don't go!

    So where you plan to go now? Maybe better stay at home due to the swine flu?

  11. @foong,
    go Cameron Highlands instead.
    Even in Malaysia also not safe oredi! We got swine flu case here already.


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