A Super City Vacation For Us In September?

I know we just came back from our vacation to Cameron Highlands barely two weeks ago, but I'm already planning for our next weekend break. Do you like to plan your vacation or weekend-break way ahead or do you wait till last minute? I always like to plan ahead, especially for an important date like our coming 10th wedding anniversary on Sept 4th.

I am now already comparing hotel prices of a few hotels in Kuala Lumpur for our coming 10th wedding anniversary celebration. It would be nice not only to have a nice dinner that night but also spend the night in a relaxing and quiet environment; which a hotel fits the bill (and maybe instead of dinner out, we can order room service instead).

We are not planning to go anywhere far, somewhere in Kuala Lumpur or Putrajaya; which is quite near to our home is good enough especially considering that Raimie needs to go to school on Monday. Lucky for us, the Accor Hotels City Super Sale is on now for stays between July 10 - September 30, 2009. We can choose either to stay at Pullman-Putrajaya Hotel for a mere RM155 per night or at Novotel, KLCC at RM175 per night. The room rates are a bargain! At the moment, I'm leaning more towards Pullman-Putrajaya Hotel. What do you think?

Or maybe, we can combine our wedding anniversary celebration with our birthdays celebration and head off to Thailand instead. Both Zaini and I celebrate our birthdays just two days apart, three weeks after our wedding anniversary. A vacation towards the end of September in Bangkok, Thailand would be great too.

As a matter of fact, even before we got to know about Accor Hotels City Super Sale, we've already discussed about going to Thailand for our holiday. With the Accor Hotels City Super Sale, there's no reason not to go. Flying to Bangkok is not expensive, what with MAS and AirAsia having bargain airfares on sale. The last time I checked, I managed to get air tickets to Bangkok with AirAsia for less than RM500.00. Imagine dining, shopping and spa treatments while vacationing in Bangkok. Mmm... Maybe we can go for a visit to the Grand Palace, temples (or wats), the floating market and perhaps watching a Muay Thai (Thai boxing) match too after my shopping spree.

While discussing on the merits of a weekend break here at home or flying off to Bangkok, I need to keep in mind that to enjoy up to 60% discount on hotel rooms, I need to book online between June 23 - June 29. We'd better make our decision fast!



  1. vacation in city surely need more money..anyhow, what the use of money if we can't spend it

  2. Can't really help u on this. It depends on your personal taste and budget. I'm sure both options be good.

  3. @matgeo,
    yes, that's true. Money needs to be enjoyed. Well, not all but some of them anyway. :D

    And essentially they are two diiferent environment. One in busy KLCC and one in quieter Putrajaya. Hmm.... decisions,decisions

  4. @willie,
    and of course, going to Bangkok is a different experience altogether!!! Argh!

  5. Lina,
    Pullman Putrajaya is super nice. A bit expensive but worth it. My auntie's family stayed there n got really good promotion price. Hope they still have it on your preferable date.

  6. Celebrating a wedding anniversary can be a simple gift exchange or a romantic getaway. no matter how small the gift can be, it's the thought that counts, right?

  7. @Farah,
    Hopefully, we can get a good rate. Went into the site and checked out the room, looks quite nice. :)

    How's the baby doing?

    @Life Ramblings,
    I know, I know... :D
    Our celebration always a quiet affair at home, but I thought since this is the 10th year we've been married (and 14 years together. Imagine that!) I'd arrange for something special. :)

  8. It's great to plan, especially when you are going Airasia. Can get more discounts. Wherever you go I wish you the bestest vacation and if possible, please take pictures cos we all love pictures! XP

  9. BTW lina I hoped that you've received my "horse" already. Kindly inform me if you haven't. XD

    And I hope you liked it too. :D

  10. So nice to go on vacation so often:) I wanna go around but just too busy:(

  11. @Jim,
    no concrete plan yet, but you bet there'll be plenty of photos. :)

    No horse came to visit me yet. Hope it didn't get lost in transit.

    That's why cannot go far. If just for the weekend, somewhere nearby is the best esp as we have schoolgoing child.

  12. Oooo, that sounds exciting! Another vacay! Advance happy anniversary and birthday greetings to both of you!

    I also am an early planner, it works better for me. =)

  13. @Ayie,
    Thanks for the advance wish! :D

    So you and me both are early planners. Yeay!

  14. That's what I was afraid of. Ok then, maybe I'll give the postman one more week before I resend the horse this time, using registered mail. XD

  15. that works a lot better for me =)

  16. @Jim,
    Got so many horses one kah? :D

    definitely much cheaper than a Japan holiday! :)

  17. I'm planning a holiday to Tokyo with your info and here you have discounts for hotels in KL and cheap air-tickets to BKK! arghhhh.... wish I have lots of holidays!

  18. super city vacation?
    sounds fun! =)

  19. lina,
    You really a good planner. It is good to plan because you can save some money as the current economic situation.
    Wish you have the wonderful incoming holiday.

  20. @ECL,
    KL so nearby only, no need to take long vacations. :D

    fun and super! :-) Wanna go too?

    have to plan wisely, to stretch the $$$.

  21. Wow! Celebrating 10th anniversary! Congrats to you and your hubby! A nice evening spent in a nice hotel would be great! Whether it's KLCC or Putrajaya - I think both are great places! : )

  22. @foong,
    Thanks, it'll be another 2 months ++ for our 10th anniversary. :)

  23. Hi again lina, did you get my kuda kepang keychain? If not I think I have to send it again. :(

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