Breakfast, Dinner And Snacks In-Between

On our first night in Cameron Highlands, we decided to try Equatorial's steamboat buffet dinner at Golden Phoenix Restaurant. The buffet was priced RM38.90++ for adults and RM25.00++ for children.

The buffet spread was decent enough. Apart from fersh seafood and vegetables, there were dim sums, fried items and roast items available. What I like the most was the roast duck. I made a couple of return visits to get the roast duck. Unfortunately, the roast items (roast duck, chicken and the BBQ chicken drumstick) took quite a while to be replenished as did the plates.

Overall, a good evening for us. The staff were accommodating and able to handle even the most demanding guest well. We were made to feel like we were in a posh restaurant with their treatment especially by the maitre 'd whom I didn't manage to catch his name. We got a perfect table, not too far and not too near the buffet area. But being served with some water before we started eating would be nicer. It took three requests for some water to finally get them.

Our breakfast on Tuesday was also a very pleasant dining experience. Meeting Equatorial's CEO and GM was a nice surprise and I had a rather nice chat with them during breakfast. It sure was flattering to know that the CEO read my posts on Equatorial Bangi-Putrajaya.

Nothing beats a freshly brewed coffee for me and that was what I got. Raimie had cereal (without milk) and Zaini had omelette made from him from the kitchen. Breakfast ended with some fruits.

The scones and muffin, we didn't eat them during breakfast though, I stashed them in my handbag to eat while we were out sightseeing. Hehehe... I'm very kiamsiap (stingy) woman. Do you know how much scones cost in Cameron Highlands???!!! They were not cheap!
The Coffee Shop was a hive of activity during breakfast time. The staff (particularly the one in the photo below) were efficient and friendly.

Our second day experience having breakfast at the Hotel was a total turn from the day before. We were made to wait as the staff checked through a long list for our room number despite the fact we had breakfast voucher on hand. Unlike the day before, after verifying our room number, the staff just waved us inside and left us to find our own table in the crowded restaurant. Interestingly, not all guest were subjected to this check as most wasn't stopped at the entrance. Maybe we look like we don't belong there, I don't know...

I wouldn't have minded so much if not for the fact the service on the second day wasn't at all like the day before. Don't tell me the staff only work well when the CEO, GM and F&B Manager were around? Only Roger seemed to be helping hotel guests find their tables, but one man sure can't cope with such a huge crowd.

Needless to say, no freshly brewed coffee (just boring coffee taken from the buffet area) and no omelette on the second day. (I'm pouting inside, you know. LOL)

We did venture out for food, but not so much a full meal but for snacks. We had a few skewers of the celup (dipped) steamboat at the market and some steamed corns too. The corn was sweet enough not to need any butter/margarine and salt slathered on them. And I had those lovely cherry tomatoes for a snack and some strawberries, fresh zucchinis, etc... yeah plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables eaten while in Cameron Highlands.


  1. I heard the scones are very yummy! The buffet looks good and cheap compared to Singapore. :)

  2. nice photos. makes me hungry

  3. @ECL,
    they are. They are. Esp when accompanied with homemade jam. But can be a quite expensive experience in CH! :D

    I just didn't want to have them with hordes of others, packed in a teahouse.

    Maybe one day have to go to some nicer, quieter spot to have tea in CH. Coming ECL?

    time for dinner at your place yet? :)

  4. waaaaaaaaaaa....nice food.. looks great.. i bet you enjoyed it... yum yum

  5. what i loved about buffets is we can eat as much as we can for a fixed price without having to leave the table.

    the food looks appetising Lina. :)

  6. Morning everyone!

    definitely. :) Gosh! I'm hungry now. :D

    @Life Ramblings,
    That's true. But for us, buffet sometimes can be a waste as we eat too little. We choose buffet for the variety otherwise we'd stick to a-la carte.

  7. Hey, I thought I left a comment here! How come dah hilang?!

    Anyway, juz want to say that buffet dinner at Golden Phoenix is worth it! And wow! The Equatorial CEO reads your blog? Not bad eh? : )

  8. @foong,
    never mind, type again lah. For me. :D

    It is worth it, but may not be as nice as those you can find in Brinchang/Tanah Rata. You know lah, we have to look for Halal steamboat, so the Hotel's one was an easier choice for us. Somemore, got chicken & tomyam broth. Happy lor...

    Maybe because I nitpick so much that the CEO had to come and visit. LOL Anyway, EQ Bangi & EQ CH GMs are nice bunch of people. (And I'm not saying this to get free stuff, you know!)

  9. Wow how came the GM know about your blog? Wah you're so famous already lina, sampai spread until in CH ;)

  10. @Jim,
    Ppl know I'm fussy, sampai all the way to CH more like. LOL

  11. Buffet is very good when there's a good variety of dishes and it includes those usually expensive dishes. =) The best part is taht you can eat as much as you can, no limits =)

    I like your happy faces there, undoubtedly you enjoyed every food you had that day. Everything looks yummy anyway =)

    enjoy your weekend!

  12. @Ayie,
    Enjoy your weekend too!


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