Stopping And Smelling The Roses

Apart from the fruits and fresh vegetables available in abundance in Cameron Highlands, one can appreciate the beauty of flowers there too. For me, I always enjoyed looking at flowers blooming outdoors instead of cut flowers in vases. All these photos were taken at Equatorial Hotel garden. While walking around, we saw a chef picking up some plants, maybe for decoration for the night's dinner. Bees and butterflies fluttered around the flowers, but we didn't managed to capture any photos of the bees (not anything decent, anyway).


  1. Hemmm...i can smell the flowers and I love flowers very much, especially when doing macro shots. Hmmm

    p/s : put u in my link already

  2. i love seeing flowers in full bloom too, those are the same flowers we have here =)

  3. The flowers are glorious and so colorful. I always enjoy smelling the flowers and admiring their beauty. Thanks for sharing.

  4. @willie,
    thanks. I'll put your link here too. :)

    yes, they are all lovely.


    @Poetic Shutterbug,
    It's the colour that brighten up nature, right?

  5. bright and beautiful flowers in bloom. i wish i have such flowers in my backyard.

  6. I rarely see bees "korek" flowers in my place, even if the flowers are very pretty and sweet (presumably). It'll be great if one of us could capture those flighty insects doing their digging XD

  7. @Life Ramblings,
    me too! But with a minuscule balcony, I can only enjoy whatever the apt's management decide to plant around our apartment block. :D

    Yalah, but I bet Mei Teng has plenty of such photos, eh Mei Teng?

  8. You must have had a lot of fun taking photos of these flowers! They are so beautiful! : )

  9. @foong,
    Zaini did most of the photo taking. :)
    It was fun walking around enjoying the view of those beautiful flowers. :)


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