Game For A 13 Inch Platter Challenge At Tony Roma's?

We went to dinner on Friday night at Tony Roma's. Zaini wanted to try their 13 Inch Bountiful Beef Ribs Platter. 10 ribs for the price of RM99.90++ and we got two side dishes of our choice too. It took the three of us to finish this! Lucky we didn't order anything else, otherwise we'd be in Tony Roma's for hours trying to finish everything.

Would you be interested to enter Tony Roma's 13-Inch Platter Challenge? If you think you can eat 10 ribs for under 10 minutes, why not give this a try and who knows you can be the winner and get free meals at Tony Roma’s outlets for a whole year, as well as bragging rights.

Waiting in anticipation for the ribs to arrive.

Time to chow down!

Nine down, one more ribs to go.

The last rib went to Zaini. I was already full after my third ribs.


  1. So did you manage to win anything? :D

  2. So did you take the challenge? How long you took to finish it all?

  3. Wow! RM99.00++. So rich lah you! I can eat 10 lunches with that money! LOL!

  4. I want that ribs! I'll search if they have the same deal here and I'll drag my husband to dine there! yey!

  5. I love Tony Roma's ribs, but got to watch the waist line! :)

  6. Gotta try this... Still got their RM10 discount from filling in their survey

  7. @Jim,
    Didn't enter the challenge. You gotta eat the ribs alone to enter! :D

    with three of us eating, not that long lah.

    Where got rich one! RM99.90 then less discount (plus RM10 off), not bad lah, for three pax.

    If you do drag your husband, show some photos of your meals, OK? :D

    Hahaha... OK lah, all protein, no carbs, right?

    try them out before July 4. That's how long the promotion lasts.

  8. I will first try to sneak the camera...he's being so shy when i bring it eating out. =)

  9. @Ayie,
    hope you get to sneak the camera! :D


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