Two Weddings In The Family

We are heading off to my hometown for my little Sis' wedding and also Zaini's little Bro's wedding. Both of them set the same date for their wedding! It would be quite a logistical nightmare for both Zaini and I, if not for the fact that both wedding parties are to be held in my hometown. Lucky isn't it that Zaini's brother is marrying a girl from my hometown.

Anyway, as we are going back to Raub where Maxis Wireless Broadband connection would be so atrocious I would not bother try and be connected, I'll be out of commission for a few days. We'll be back on Wednesday!

Don't miss us all that much! LOL

Some photos of the weddings when we come back.


  1. Remember to take wedding and kompang pictures. Don't forget the raja-raja sehari also XD

  2. have a pleasant trip, have fun!

  3. @ weddings at the same time? must be bloated after eating on both receptions! =D

  4. @Jim,
    Did that. Will put up some photos soon!

    @Life Ramblings,
    Thanks. We did. It was a blast!

    Hahaha... Moderation is the key. :D


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