Read Malaysia 2009 Book Fair At MIECC, Mines

We went to the Read Malaysia 2009 book fair on Sunday, to check some books for Raimie. Man, the place was sure crowded with people. It was a little bit of chaos outside Mines with people parking almost anywhere and everywhere lending to a jam road.

Plenty of bargains, for not only books but there were also booths selling stationeries, promoting courses, insurance, electronic stuff, and many more.

However, I can't help noticing that while the Chinese book section was so packed it was hard to even walk around, the English and Malay booths area were quite the opposite. How can that be? Less Malay and English readers?

At the Chinese Section

The Malay Section

The Stage area

Visitors looking at some books

We didn't buy any books on Sunday because it's hard to make a decision with people jostling around but we did buy some colour pencils and stationeries that were sold cheaply at the Pelican booth.


  1. Yes I think there's a lot of people fond of reading chinese books! Too bad I can't read mandarin or else I will join in the bandwagon!

    That's why I also think Popular bookstore doing very well with their chinese book section. MPH should consider giving Popular a run for their money in this department.

  2. @foong,

    even Zaini likes to browse books (esp the travel ones) at the Chinese section. Got more photo and colourful info than the English travel books. :D

  3. Hmmm, I'm not sure why but in JB it doesn't really happen that way. English sections have more people than Chinese even in Popular. We had book fairs before and it was also the same thing. Hmmm....

    Anyway Lina I've emailed you about the prize. It's a souvenir about Johor, just a small giveaway from me. :D

  4. I just love to browse books, not much reading though. hehe but language books are interesting read for me.

  5. @Jim,
    I guess the venue might be a factor here. There was plenty of other readers i.e. for Malay and English books at PWTC.

    Thanks for the prize! Can't wait to get it. :)

    I like browsing too, not so much buying. LOL

  6. We are having a huge annual Chinese Book Fair now at Singapore Expo. I don't have time to visit it this year. I usually buy lots of books at the fair.

  7. @ECL,
    Don't forget to take it easy even though you're busy, you hear? :)

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