School Report Card

We woke up early this morning. We need to go to Raimie's school for his mid-year assessment result and see his class teacher. Raimie has to attend a replacement class today too so he needs to be at school from 7.45am to 12.15pm.

No major issues about Raimie with his class teacher except that he is still rather timid in class. For his exams, he got an A for all his subject except the Arts which he got a B. But the percentages were way down compared to his earlier exam. We were not too worried, because all the papers were quite hard and anyway, he is just in Standard One. He got third placing for his class and for the whole Standard One too. So, congrats Raimie. Do your very best again next time, OK?

We told him that for his final exam before the end-of-year school holiday, he needs to do his best and aim for first placing. If he can manage that (with our support, studying together with him of course), we'll treat him for a 2-days trip to Tokyo Disneyland & Disneysea. If he gets second placing, we'll just go for a day trip. If he gets third placing, we'll go for a hike into the mountains instead. Talk about giving pressure! LOL But no lah, we told him that jokingly.

It was rather funny when we went to his classroom. I guess we were at his school so often that all his classmates know us, and were calling out Raimie's name to tell him that "Raimie's Mama" had arrived. My little boy, just feigned ignorance and continued with his colouring. He just ignored us in front of his friends! He is always reluctant to show his "manja" side with us in front of his friends and rather act "cool". Oh my big boy... No more kissing his cheek in public anymore too... But I just can't resist making funny faces in front of him and his classmates and embarrass him a bit. Hahaha


  1. You must be a good parent as the class know you so well. hehe. good.

  2. don't put too much pressure on Raimie. he's a smart boy, i'm sure he'll pass with flying colours. he'll visit tokyo. hehe

  3. @Superman,
    I sure hope so! Or maybe we are just too free to be able to go to his school for every single invitation. :D

    @Life Ramblings,
    We try not to pressure him much but of course being kids, he had to be oushed sometimes to study and finish his homework.

    Anyway, I think both Zaini and I get more pressure when he didn't study or do his homework compared to him! @-@

  4. i think it's a good pressure though...a high stake! haha

    congrats to raimie

  5. @Ayie,
    Yeah, Disneyland is at stake! :)

  6. Funny right? Boys are always like that, they don't want to be seen as mommy's boys XD

  7. @Jim,
    have to maintain your "cool" eh? :D


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