Another Report Card To Collect And Grieving For A Friend's Son

Report Card Day

Got to set aside a few minutes from my working hours and dash to Raimie's religious school tomorrow to collect his report card.
It feels like when you have schoolgoing kids, dashing to schools is part of your routine.

We'll see how Raimie did for his religious school exams. The exam look difficult, in my opinion for a 7 year old but I guess kids nowadays are way smarter than us when we were kids!

Grieving For A Friend's Son

While the world grieves for Michael Jackson and Farah Fawcett, we are grieving for a friend. Her son, just born 6 days ago passed away yesterday and was cremated on the same day. The baby had to go through two operations in his very young age. It is a sad day for all of us, especially for the parents who had waited for their firstborn eagerly.

I just want to let her know, that we are here if she needs anything and will support her. Hope she and her husband will stay strong.


  1. Yes, kids nowadays really very clever and talkative. Some says the milk powder they drinks is too nutritious.

  2. Hope your friend will be able to get over her loss. I know it's difficult. I pray for the young couple.

  3. @Superman,
    I guess so. The mil company seem to put everything in the milk nowadays.

    I pray for that too. It's not easy to lose your child. I cannot say I understand her grief fully, but even a miscarriage is sad enough for me, what with losing a baby. But hoepfully she and her husband can find strenght to move on and hopefully, try again.

  4. sorry to hear abt the loss of your fren's son. may his soul RIP.

  5. hope to draw your attention to this issue, something happen in Raub.
    pls visit to

  6. There is really no word for such tragic life happening. Hope your friends will recover as stronger persons.

  7. so sad to hear about the loss... good that she has a friend like you who's lending shoulders to lean on

  8. My condolence to your friend. He is more important than Michael Jackson.

  9. Thanks all for the kind words.

  10. Sorry to hear about your friend's son. Hope the family gets through this tough period.

  11. Whenever a child dies, no matter manner of death it was, should be considered a sad and horrible day. I really don't mind if an adult (20 years old and above) dies because for me he or she has already experienced the intricacies of life as we know it. The grief is greater if you know that a child who has not lived the life that was offered to him or her to the fullest is taken away for good.

    Seek No More

  12. In my other blog, PolitEkon I tried to give justice to many children who died senseless deaths by listing down their names and the manner that they passed away. I’m trying to keep the list updated as much as I can because if major dailies in the Philippines took it upon themselves not to give them minimal space in their papers, how else can we make people know that these children even existed.

  13. @Mei Teng,
    I hope so too...

    I agree. It is more tragic to lose a child especially when we think of what they miss out on life. But perhaps, the thought of them being spared the pain and suffering in life can be somewhat comforting if the child is suffering from serious illness.

  14. lina,
    Yes, being the mother, you are ready concern your young kid. It is the responsibility of the mom. I believe you also enjoy the journey as the mom.
    Sad to know that the little small baby just died after two operation. It was ready the painful moment if we are the same situation. Life is something like that, we have to be strong in whatever situation after some setbacks in life.
    What we can do is to do our best to console them.
    Inspiring post, have the nice long weekend.

  15. @coolingstar,
    Hope you had a nice weekend too.

    It was sad and tragic for the parents to lose their baby, and I do hope they'll be strong together and maybe try again for another baby in future.

    The baby is in a better place now...


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