Mountain Strawberry Farm Visit

After our visit to Sungei Palas Tea Plantation, we went to Mountain Strawberry Farm nearby. The farm was a little out of the beaten path, so there wasn't too much crowd at the farm. In fact, apart from us there were only two other families there. The lovely thing here was the fact that we were free to roam the place unsupervised and unlike some farms that allow strawberries picking, this farm didn't require a deposit. Just take your scissors and bucket, and you are set to go.

We also took the opportunity to pick some vegetables too. It can't get any fresher than this. Choosing and picking your vegetables right at the vegetable patch! We were assisted by a farm hand, a very nice obliging Bangladeshi guy who had worked in Malaysia for 5 years already. He even let us taste some fresh carrots plucked right out from the soil and some strawberries too.

We didn't buy much, just the strawberries, some cabbages, cherry tomatoes and zucchinis.We totally forgot to pick up some Cameron apples (which they say taste like honey dew) that day! Raimie enjoyed eating a homemade strawberry ice-cream. Taste rather like an "asam" flavoured ice-cream as it was kinda sweet and sour.

Our visit to the farm was made enjoyable because of the relaxed atmosphere and friendly helpful people at the farm. We were able to take our time at both the Boh Tea Centre and at this farm.

There are plenty other sights that we are yet to visit, but then, there's more reason for us to return to Cameron Highlands in future! Maybe next time, we'll get the whole clan to come too. :-)


  1. the strawberry picking must be pretty fun. you guys must be happy to see lotsa strawberries at one place.

  2. I still remember the strawberry picking fun when I am in Australia last time. The strawberry at Cameron looks nice. Sure need to make a trip there if have chance.

  3. @Life Ramblings & Superman,
    It was fun especially for Raimie. :)

  4. Oh I must go to this farm next time I go Cameron Highlands! I like less crowded and unsupervised places!

    Cameron apples taste like honey dew? Would sure like to taste one!

  5. @foong,
    Of course, you have to be nice and look completely trustworthy like us to be unsupervised. ;)

    The Cameron Highlands apples don't look like apples, look like a light coloured brinjal.

  6. Surely be a nice place for my photos in future.

  7. the last time i went to cameron was in 2006..
    long long time ago.. haha.. =)

  8. @Willie,
    Plenty of photo op there, that's for sure. :)

    So, when are you making a return visit? :D

  9. I was waiting for the strawberry farm post! I would love to pick the red strawberries. :)

  10. The taste of fresh fruits and veggies is really good. I wouldn't miss the chance hand picking fresh produce =)

  11. Mmmmmmm! This looked like a lot of fun! (:
    I bet it tasted great, too!

  12. @ECL,
    Can't beat red delicious strawberries, pick and eaten there and then. :D

    Definitely freshly picked produce taste way better.

    Fun activities with delicious things to eat. A great combination! :)


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