Training Starts, In Earnest

I'm into Week 3 of Hal Higdon's Half Marathon plan, with a half marathon in January as my target race.

I was only supposed to a 5K today and I did it at the gym on the treadmill but after dinner, with the nice weather outside, I was itching for a run and decided to do a 3K time trial.
Slower than the 5K I did earlier but I was happy nonetheless. OK, so I wasn't following the training plan properly but I felt good so I decided to go for it.

Anyways, tomorrow I'll do a 40min tempo run. And then, I'll have some fun with Hubby on Saturday, running 8K in the Frost the Trail Run. And hopefully, I'll wake up early to do a 90 min run on Sunday. 


  1. if you are feeling the move to run, then why not?? it's extra km's to your plan but not less, I see no harm.. enjoy your weekend full of fun!! :)

    1. Must be careful also wor...

      Sometimes, today so syiok lari, then tomorrow don't have energy to run according to plan. Not good also. Hihihi

    2. When I was walking too much in Tokyo, I kept thinking of Lina's running. I walked until kaki sakit and tak larat so I kuat makan instead. I had to get my mind power going not to let wifey gelak at me.

    3. LOL Anay.

      So Letchumi all kuat and strong and Anay manja don't want to walk far far kah? Hehehe


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