A Short Retreat Not Far From The City

Carpe Diem! Seize the day!
That's a good motto to live by.
But once in a while, it's nice to take it easy and just enjoy the day as it pass by.
So the three of us drove about an hour to Serendah and spent a night at Carpe Diem Orchad Home, Serendah to join a few other friends who were spending the night there too.
Driving up to our chalet.

But we later spent most of our time apart from sleep (which we did at 3am) at the common area located at the Bunga Raya chalet.

Our chalet was the Durian 1 and there are other chalets named Rambutan and Pulasan too. A junior suite and an executive suite are also available at the Bunga Raya chalet; which is also where the Caretaker's hut is located.
Our chalet's verandah. It would be nice to sit here and enjoy the greenery but when we were there, it was too hot to stay outside for long!
Our spacious chalet with two extra mattresses provided. 

Being surrounded with all these wood sure have a calming effect, I tell you.

The chalet was nice and comfy but do note that we need to bring our own towel and toiletries here and room service & housekeeping are not provided. 

We dumped our stuff in the room, rested for like 5 minutes and then headed to the Bunga Raya chalet where the common area and facilities are located.
Common dining and kitchen area, overlooking Carpe Diem's three-tier pool. It's equipped with a fridge, kettle, toaster and microwave. And an array of utensils, plates and cups enough for a big party.

Guests are reminded to always keep the common area clean so after we used it, we cleaned the place ourselves.
The boys immediately made a bee-line for the three-tiered pool while I decided to use one of Carpe Diem's bicycle to cycle around the rather hilly property. 

I got really hot and sweaty after that little bit of exercise so I also jumped in the pool! Such a bliss to be in the water. 
While waiting for the rest of our friends to be ready for dinner, we spent time at the common sitting area. There are boardgames and an array of books available for guests so as Hubby and Son had a game of chess, I read.

There are no TVs in the chalets and only one at the common area. But we found many ways to entertain ourselves there. ^^

There are livestocks for children to gawk at.
Fish to be fished (and released) as the property adopt a catch and release approach.
Hammock to swing and relax on...
Dinner in progress. ^^

Half of the members of the party were busy at the grill area and half were busy in the kitchen.

It was sure a nice getaway. It would be nicer if we were there during the fruits season as we can enjoy the fruits around the orchard too. Alas, no fruits this time.

I guess we just need to return during durian season, eh?

Anyone wanted to stay at one of Carpe Diem's chalets can visit their website (link here) or their facebook page (link here).


  1. This is a nice quiet getaway from the city. I love such short holiday.

  2. See that this place is quite relaxing...

  3. Very nice chalet. Lagi best, got BBQ for dinner!

  4. I love this wooden chalet very much. Looks my dream wooden house by the beach!


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