Descendants Of The Sun

So this popular Korean drama has finished its run recently with the final Episode 16 aired on Thursday. For these past few days, I did reruns and watched Descendants of the Sun  from Episode 1 -16 in three days!

Truth be told, I don't care much about the storyline but I stayed glued watching it.
1. I love men in uniform
(and men in suits too, which I get to drool over in this drama. Korean drama mah, sure got men wear suits one)
2. I love Song Joong Ki (love him ever since Sungkyungkwan Scandal)
And Ji Goo (as Sergeant Major Seo Dae Yong is so cool!)

But so far, my all-time favourite Korean dramas are these three :
Coffee Prince 
I think I did reruns marathons of this drama more than 20 times, losing sleep in the process! LOL

Hubby knew I love it so much, instead of watching it from downloads, he bought the box set CD for me. 
Sungkyunkwan Scandal
lost sleep watching it over and over again too

Darn, I lost count how many times I watched Sungkyungkwan Scandal.
Reply 1997

The similarities of all these dramas?
Angst ridden love story, of course.
They reminded me of how it felt when one was in love and fighting to get the man of one's dream.

Descendants of the Sun unfortunately, is not all the "angsty" for me. It's too sweet amidst all those "disaster" background story.

But then again, watching Song Joong Ki and Ji Goo is sweet too. Mwahaha

Anyways, watching drama can be educational.
I researched about the Joseon Dynasty as I watched Sungkyungkwan Scandal.
I googled up about Korean army after Descendants of the Sun.


  1. Ingat citer zaman Firaun, ada sun God, Google la citer yg my wife follow... She has the TV all for Korean dramas ��

  2. Didnt know you are into Korean drama. I am not so into it but if good storyline, I would watch. I have not been catching any drama for quite sometime.

    1. I followed only the good ones.

      I don't have time to watch much anyway. ;)

  3. Hahah.. I'm not really a fan of Korean movies but this is the k- wave period.

    1. Hallyu has been going strong since the past few years.
      Blame Winter Sonata and Bae Yong Joon. LOL

  4. Which channel got show ha? I also want to watch, got cute oppa :p

  5. I didn't watch Korea drama, but I know this very hit drama, every news every social can see people are posting about it, hehe!

  6. You can call me a Korean drama addict too. I do admire this Song Joong Ki for his looks and acting but that uniformed role seemed soft for his part. His face is not rugged and worn enough. LOL


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