Korean Delights In The Weekend

Last weekend was one of those few rare weekends when both Hubby and I aren't gamboling somewhere from Saturday mornings (sometimes since Friday nights) and into Sundays.
So we kinda thought about cooking for the weekend as it's already something we've been doing less at home now.

And I thought about eating Korean.

What I usually cook is simple though.

Kimchi Stir-Fry which I usually put on top on a cold tofu for contrast.
Lettuce for wraps.

But then again, eating out is also nice and as we were in Mid Valley, we stopped at Ko Hyang for dinner.
Instead of my usual soon du bu jigae, I opted for bibimbap this time.
Son opted for the bulgogi bokem set.
Hubby chose ttuk bulgogi. A very strong beef taste soup, which I can say may not be to everyone's liking. But delicious for beef lovers.  (of course, one can choose chicken instead of beef).

Three set meals that set us back for RM60++.

Satisfying, I have to say.


  1. Bestnyer you can cook Korean! The dinners sets at Ko Hyang look good. I think I will like the beefy soup.

  2. If me cook, mine will be no eye see...

  3. Homecooking is still the best! Simple, nice and more healthy... just now I took porridge with salted egg and fish only.. best too! hahahaa.. But once awhile, we must pamper ourselves with outside nice food too.. :)

  4. As you knew it that is also my very favorite restaurant as they cook well. The number of diners queuing up daily speaks for itself. I love everything you guys ate. Yums!

    1. Yup.
      And the staff are good and friendly too.

  5. Wahhh home cooking Korean food?? Nice! Kimchi stir fry on cold tofu sounds like a very good idea...

  6. BEST! Honestly, I prefer Japanese to Korean but sekali sekala dapat Korean is sedap!!


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