Why Training Is Important

when one wants to run in a race.

Here's a visual clue. ;-)
Photo credit : Rany Tan
KM18-19 in a 23K run at Bukit Jalil Half Marathon. Uphill. Still all smiles. 

Trained 3 weeks prior, after a month of rest.
Photo credit : Victor
3K more to finish at Nike We Run KL 21K. Couldn't give a rat's ass to the photographers.

Total running done before Nike : 3 (in the whole month!).


That is why kids, train for your event. At the very least, you can still look good while running. Hihihi 


  1. Oh yes training is very important. Constant training makes perfect runs.

  2. I agree that training is important. The more training the better you are .

    1. I want give 100 likes on this comment, hehe!

  3. Last time I run, I made plans to train, but end up all I did was make mental training, imagine that I am running to prepare for the actual run.

  4. Yup, we can see the difference. LOL!


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