Sekinchan For Seafood

A friend of ours had a hankering for duck mouth clams (mentarang in Malay) and since hubby and I had never tried them, he invited us to join him in the search for some mentarang.

So during the weekend, we headed to Sekinchan and made a stop at Pak Din Mentarang Bakar and had almost opted to drive elsewhere when we saw that they had no mentarang stock but were later told that mentarang was not in season at the moment. 
As we were already there, we ordered what was available instead.

While we waited for our seafood, we were served with cut fruits topped with ice.
Grilled cockles and mud clam (lokan).

Grilled lokan. We ordered 1kg at first and later added a second order for it.
Curry ikan sembilang ordered from a neighbour shop. 
and coconuts for everyone to enjoy.
and the aftermath.

Not a single clam was safe from consumption. Haha

It was an enjoyable early dinner for us, more so as our friend foot the bill! ^^

Thank you for the treat! ^^


  1. Yum yums... So nice to see all these glorious clams and lokans! Although I cannot eat too many of them these days for fear of the return of gout :( ...

    1. Eat to satisfy cravings a bit can right? hihihi

  2. I loves those clam in the 3rd picture, hehe...

  3. oh...I miss Sekinchan!! There's a beautiful beach on one side and picturesque paddy fields on the other side.

    1. Next time, you come and do the Paddy run in Sekinchan also lah!

      Win-win for you and family. ;)

  4. I'm not into clams but if got people belanja, why not? hee..hee...

  5. I love to eat Lala and that Lokan but not clams.
    I had to google the Mentarang images and I have eaten them before. They tasted like bigger lala with thicker flesh! Yums!


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