August Running Calendar Sorted Out

The months after Raya will start to be some busy months, running wise.

The momentum of road races has picked up in the second half of the year with plenty of exciting races in store.

I've registered for two races for July. And August...

August will be a fun month. ^^
I'll start August with the most happening race in Kuala Lumpur if not in Malaysia; the Standard Chartered KL Marathon.

Thank you SCKLM for including me as a member of media year after year. Hopefully, Hubby will be stationed right in front of the finish line for some nice photo taking again this year.

Maybe next year I can join SCKLM 2017 as a pacer. A friend encouraged me to do so. She'll be a pacer this year. ^^
I'm thinking of joining the Jog for Hope at Taylor's College Sri Hartamas the week after SCKLM. I did the race for the first time last year when I was invited to join the run and quite enjoy the hilly route. Plus it was rather nice to finish at 8th place. Hehehe

It's for 3 charities so it's a good race to join and to promote.
I just registered for the PUMA Night Run 10K yesterday. 

Thank you PUMA for the slot! It'll be my first PUMA Night Run this year. :)
And probably will do a back-to-back of PUMA Night Run in Shah Alam and MyBuddies Run in Cyberjaya the next morning.

I wanna win the grand prize of Proton Iriz! Didn't win the car last year. LOL


  1. See Stanchart pun reserve place for you as member of media....VIP liao eh? hee..hee... Good lah, you very semangat to run and keep it up. I am hoping that one day I can set some time to try running again. I used to do it (not marathon lah) long ago and enjoyed it very much. Never too old to restart right?

    1. Media where got VIP. Blogger only mah! LOL


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