Keep Yourself Safe Program

Keep Yourself Program is a program organised by 2ndskin as an initiative to keep runners (especially women) safe and gain knowledge and first-hand experience of how to keep oneself safe and get out of potentially dangerous situations.
These few initial sessions are targeted to female but after attending the session, I feel that such classes not only benefit female (runners) but is quite beneficial for males too.
The program is (was) conducted by Coach Yew Jin who has many years of experience coaching bodyguards and enforcement officers who needs basic safety skill an getting out of potentially dangerous situations.
The session started with introduction and theory first.

Here among others, Coach Yew Jin talked at length about the need to have good quality pepper spray/mace and strongly suggested American made ones instead of the cheaper Made in China ones.

When I ran during Ramadhan month and did my training from Jalan Bangsar to Lake Garden, I carried one and although pepper sprays aren't cheap, it is a form of self-defense especially for us female runners.
 An hour later, we got to the "fun" part.

The physical part.

Here, Coach Yew Jin showed us how to react if we were grabbed by our hair (or tudung) and thrown down to the ground.
 We later got into pairs (participant & Coach Yew Jin's team) and practised.

There is one move called the "Happy Ending" that has a quite scary outcome but very good for us to learn and know about. What's the "Happy Ending" move?  Come and attend the session lah!
Some things I learned today:
Throwing punches may not be that effective. I might hurt myself.
My palm works just fine to counter-attack the aggressor. Shoving somebody's face with my palm work quite well for self defense.
Or I can try poke them in the eyes too. I have strong talons, after all. ;-)

There were other little things that we learned that would hopefully help if we ever get into a jam. Small things that do not need strength or build to execute but if done, can surprise and shock (or give pain) the aggressor enough for us to run away at the very least.
 Trying some moves with a friend.

What I learn from Coach Yew Jin, the main thing about keeping safe are:

1. Make it hard to become a victim or target. Be wary of our surroundings. Be alert. Be safe.
2. No amount of material items are more important than your life. Save your life, not your stuff.
3. But if you are already in danger, then your self-defense should kick in but only as a last resort.
After what felt like a really short 2-hour session, a group photo.

Son, who sat in the class were quite excited in trying some moves with Mommy later, following what he saw in the class. Haih.
Mommy juga yang jadi victim. LOL

There is another session to be held on June 18th, 2016 and I highly recommend the session to everybody.

It's not that strenuous and doesn't require us to sweat or execute any martial marts moves so shouldn't be a problem for those who are fasting.

For more info on the session head to 2ndskin's FB page.

Thank you 2ndskin for the session.


  1. It's good to learn these self defense moves. Also important to keep a clear head when attacked or else might not be able to defend oneself.

    1. 1st line of defense... Be safe n be hard to be a victim. That's what we were told 1st. :)

  2. That's great ! It's ok to equip yourself with some self defense for some situation but always try to stay safe.

    1. That's what the gist of yhe course is, Chris...

  3. This is really an interesting event to help ladies.

    You made me think so much why all the thieves and predators have to be mostly males taking advantage on ladies. I think the males also need to be educated from young at schools to respect ladies as much as they respect their mothers.

    Happy Mother's Day to you! Keep running and stay healthy & safe always.


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