A Change In Training Routine Soon

now that Ramadhan month is nearing.

I used to head to Lake Garden to train when hubby worked late back in 2014 as I could go off early during the fasting month.

I'd got stuff for Son's buka puasa (and mine too) and while he stayed at his grandpa's house, I head out and run/jog/walk for 1 hour plus and return before it was time for buka puasa.

Like last year, I probably have a bit of time at the gym this year while waiting for Hubby to pick me up and then maybe run later at night.
Ramadhan is a special month.

I don't know why but I feel I get special energy during the fasting month.

I could workout before buka puasa. The intensity is decreased however, taking account of the fact energy is depleting in the evening but otherwise. it's business as usual.

I could run at 10pm, rest then sleep and then wake up by 5am to prepare for sahur. Arrive to office by 8.30am on weekdays. And repeat this for 30 days.

Ramadhan is the only month I'd be able to do this!

Looking forward to a busy but fulfilling fasting month!


  1. So fast Ramadhan is coming. Just feel like yesterday it was Raya. Haha.

    All the best in your routine during the Ramadhan month.

  2. I also look forward to Ramadhan month where there is stalls selling different variety of foods...

  3. Huh? So fast (no pun intended)! I thought it was just recently Ramadhan and Raya happened!

    1. Fast to start fasting again! Hihihi

  4. I am looking forwards to Raya hah...hah.... I salute you lah, you can still train before buka puasa. You have an internal battery to supply you with the energy hee..hee...

    1. Raya is always good. More makan! LOL

  5. Love the beautiful post! Enjoy your Ramadan. TGIF, my dear! xoxo


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