Running Mom Version Of Celebrating Mother's Day

Well, for me at least.
Pisang Relay at Taman Bukit Jalil. Mother's day fell on 12th May 2013, the day of the race. I roped in the whole family to run in the relay which was so much fun! ^^

Larian Bersama Bomba on 11th May 2014. I run alone this time and joined the 10K Women Open Category.

Hubby wasn't too keen accompanying to races that are less than 15K at this time but he let me have my way for Larian Bomba because it's Mother's Day! And yes, the boys waited for Mommy to finish her run.

I had my run and then we had a nice Mother's Day brunch at Plan.B.

Ditching the kiddo (whom happily continued with his sleep), Hubby joined me for this epic Mother's Day Run in 2015.
Route 68 Challenge on 10th May 2015.
I'd have to say, this is the best present so far at that time. (It was later topped by my own birthday present of running in Tango Ultramarathon in Japan for my 40th birthday).
2013 - 2.75km x 2 (3-runners team, each had to do 2 loops)
2014 - 10km individual run
2015 - 50km couple run
2016 - ?
After spending so much time out of home lately, we'll be spending Mother's Day at home for a change.
Maybe someone can buy me Adharanand Finn's The Way of The Runner? Hihihi


  1. Maybe your son will give you a surprise on Mother's Day, hehe...

    1. He always says the best gift is his love. :)

  2. Nice one! Happy Mother's Day to you, Lina! xoxo

  3. Happy Mother's Day! Have a great time with your loved ones at home.

  4. Happy Mama's Day!

    Why stay at home?

    I bet your 2 boys will be cooking some delicious meals.

    1. Relax only lah...

      No need go anywhere n just be lazy this year. Lol

  5. That was a very big hint hee..hee... Have a great Mother's Day!

    1. Haha I hope two lads are reading this hint loud and clear. LOL

  6. I hope your two boys catch your hint and your dream is coming true on Mother's day. Happy Mother's day to you, lina.

    1. Hahaha I hope so.

      Happy Motehr's Day to you too, Yannie! :)


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