Two Years, Two Different Goals

I'm just looking at my race schedule, past and present.

Two years, two different goals.

One aim.

100K in 14-hours. It's a 4-year plan. Yeah, I am that slow to get to where I want to be.



But I'll try my darn best to do it. 14-hours. One stage.

One day.
Gradual adaptation to high mileage. I forgo speed for endurance in 2015. Well, a few fun runs got slotted in somehow. Hahaha
Plenty of 50Ks LSD done with just Hubby accompanying me. Plus back to back high mileage between road and trails.
I had 3 100K target last year but I DNS two and opted not to register for the third one.
But I did manage to run my dream run in September. I did better than my target time and I was absolutely elated with it.
What's for 2016?
This is the year to improve on speed.
I managed to get a 10K PB this year.
A few minutes off for a PB for half-marathon early this year but I was happy.
I have two more target HM race where I'm hoping for a PB so I should be looking forward to doing it (and training for it!)

A few more races to do. Twitterthon has been cancelled so I have no run slotted next week...
2016 will be a subdued year in the terms of running in races. No FMs and definitely no ultra this year.
But I'll be happy to lend a hand at ultra events or other races too, as a volunteer.
So, see you somewhere some time.


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