Crazy Weekend

Two endurance run happened last week in Taman Botani Putrajaya.

Under the Botani Putrajaya Endurance Run (BPR) 2016 flag, two endurance runs were held:
Putra 24 participants
Putra 24 which starts at 8.30am on 30,04.2016 until 8.30am on 01.05.2016.

Participants had to do a minimum of 55K and can go on and do as much mileage as they could within 24-hours.

The top male runner did 151.80K in 23:35:27
The second place male runner did 142.6K in 23:25:24 and is a veteran runner (in terms of age and experience).
Ungu 55 participants
Ungu 55 which is a female-only endurance run, sharing the same route as Putra 24 but started at 8.30pm on 30.04.2016 and had to run 55K within 12-hours.

Top female runner did 55K in 5:52:32
Second placed runners did 55K in 7:10:08

The event had a mixed bag of reactions. Some were happy. Some were feeling cheated by the organisers when they didn't get their finisher medal and instead got a finisher mug.

Plenty of words were exchanged online. Some constructive. Some hurtful. But all will be taken into account for next year's improvement.
Been busy with helping out during the REPC on Friday and Saturday, clearing race route after a thunderstorm and later doing some loops to provide company for runners.

All I want to do now, after spending just 2-3hours of sleep since Friday is to catch my Zzzzzzzzs. 


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