A Pantai Timur Breakfast At Eda Yasin Nasi Minyak Warisan Tanjung Api

When in Pantai Timur, of course we must indulge in Pantai Timur style breakfast!

As you know from my previous post, we visited Kuantan last weekend. It was a short trip for my sister's wedding reception, for the groom side or as we call it, "Majlis Bertandang".

This particular shop is located just a few metres away from the homestay my family stayed in and a few hundred metres from Taman Gelora.
The long queue showed that this place is pretty popular and even "Jalan-Jalan Cari Makan" TV show had dropped by before.

But TV show or not, the crunch is whether the food is actually good. And it was.
I had Laksam. It was quite good and topped with a heap of crunchy taugeh which I love! The gravy looked kinda watery but tasted good especially with a dollop of sambal.
Pulut  with Redang Daging which Hubby shared with Son.
And they also shared this dish of Nasi Minyak with Chicken.

With three iced tea, our breakfast came up to RM21.00. Pretty decent and very filling.

So kenyang, we had to skip lunch with the family at noon and only had lunch later at 3pm at Temerloh R&R instead.


  1. meleleh air liur lookig at this. This round we didnt balik kampung

    1. SO spending school holiday here saja? Or travelling elsewhere?

  2. Saw laksam in food channel before. Never try it. Don't think there is anyone selling here. Lol.

    I would like to try the pulut with rendang dating too.

  3. Pulut with Beef Rendang is so very tasty! I like to eat laksam too.


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