Makan In Phuket

It's fairly easy to find Halal or Muslim friendly food in Thailand and in Phuket so during our visit last week, we didn't have any problem finding good places to makan.

And there bound to be Halal/Muslim shops near mosques too.
We had a budget of 1,000 Baht for two per day for makan and it was certainly more than enough for us. Plus snacks, daily purchase of milk (which is so sedap) and coffee. Can't beat 30 Baht coffee bought at Family Mart!
Our first dinner was at Pad Thai Phuket in Phuket Town, a few hundred metres from our hotel, Quip Bed & Breakfast.

We had wanted to venture further out but our walk was cut short because of impending rain so we dashed to the first nice looking Halal restaurant that we saw, located at a junction where song taews (blue buses) stopped to alight and wait for customers.

Our Fried Beef with Basil with Rice, Curry Seafood (photo) with Rice and two Soda drinks cost us about 230 Baht.

We later went to a nearby mall and bought some taro-filled buns (Buy 1 Free 1 some more) for 35 Baht each. Four buns cost us 70 Baht.
The next morning was Sunday and it was race day.

We got both our breakfast and lunch settled just eating the free food provided by the race organisers to all participants.

There were Sticky Rice with Fried Chicken, Chicken Briyani, Rice with Omelette, Rice Vermicelli with Southern Curry (damn spicy but so sedap), Porridge, Pad Thai, Shaved Ice, Coconut drinks, Pineapples on Sticks, Watermelons and Ice Cream!

So generous of the organiser and for us, so kenyang!
Because we already ate a lot at the race venue, for lunch we decided to head to a dessert shop called Wanlamun located a few hundred metres from our hotel.

At first we ordered Red Ruby, Mango with Sticky Rice and Bread with Pandan Kaya. The friendly staff later came back to informed us that the sticky rice wasn't ready yet (we were there at 11.30am just as they opened the shop) and suggested that we tried their Mango Smoothie. She also told us that special for us, it's Buy 1 Free 1 for our mango smoothie. So we ordered that lor...

Then, after we were served our Mango Smoothie, we were told that the sticky rice was ready and whether we would like to order them. 

For our Red Ruby, Mango with Sticky Rice, Bread with Pandan Kaya and two Mango Smoothie, it cost us 175 Baht only!

And everything was absolutely delicious!
Afterwards, we traveled to Patong and our dinner there was at a small cafe called Hasim Halal Food, located right next to Nurul Iman mosque.

We ordered Seafood Curry, Fried Squid with Rice and Fried Kailan with Rice. If I'm not mistaken, our dinner cost us 230 Baht.
Breakfast the next morning was a continental breakfast, which was included in our room rate.
For the next two nights, we stayed at a hotel called Thantip Beach Resort.
Lunch later was at a food court at the basement of Jungceylon Shopping Mall. 

We had Pad Thai and Oyster Omelette at a shop that's been visited and rated by TV Tokyo! 

It cost us a bit more as the dishes were at 150 Baht each but so worth it. Memang sedap! The oyster were a lot, juicy and not overcooked. 

The main item at the shop seems to be their Tiger River Prawn at 300 Baht. Look damn nice and impressive but too much for us lah...
By the third night, we actually had spent far less than our makan budget so we decided to splurge a bit.

We were back at Hasim Halal Food and ordered Steam Fish, Seafood Tom Yum and Stir Fried Broccoli. All this for 600 Baht.
The next day, we went to Central Phuket and stopped at a shopping complex called Central Festival Phuket.

Hubby wanted to eat noodles so we ordered that at a Halal shop in the food court.

It was 60 Baht for a bowl of noodles and because it was under our budget, we later had Mango with Sticky Rice and Bubur Pulut Durian (what it's called in English ah?) for desserts. It was 35 Baht per dessert so quite affordable.
I finally had my Som Tam (Papaya Salad) for dinner that night with my Beef with Rice and Hubby had some kinda dry noodle thingy.

Our visit to Phuket was like - "So Little Time, So Much To Makan and So Few Mouth That Can Eat". Hahaha


  1. So much food. Indeed the food in Phuket is so good and reasonable.

  2. Good lah that this is also a makan2 trip. Love all the food you had and prices and great!

    1. "prices are great" (too excited lah...)

    2. Of course, when jalan-jalan must makan-makan. Hehehe

  3. The weather must be quite hot then, as I can see hot lina in the pictures. lol!

  4. Seeing the foods makes me crave for it, hehe...

  5. I see seafood and mango and red ruby desserts - all the food that I like and at a good price too! So yummy!


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