Back To Croutons For The Second Time

We had visited Croutons by Gourmet Seductions for the first time a few weeks ago (review here) and were back for our second visit last Saturday.
This time, we ordered the Wild Mushroom Soup to share.
And I ordered Aglio Olio with Mussel (although it was stated that they were served with shrimps in the menu and I wasn't informed of the change) and I wasn't a big fan of mussels. Fortunately, it was good so I just finished them off without complaining too much.

And my usual cup of cappuccino.
Hubby ordered the Beef Bacon Burger with Chips and salad on the side.

He also ordered Macha Latte.
Son ordered the Spicy Bolognese and Iced Latte.

It was relatively quiet at the cafe this time compared to our previous visit and we took our dinner slow. We took our time to eat and chatted and I have to say, the ambiance is great for such long dinners.

Just like last week, we had a 10% discount off our total bill because we paid using Standard Chartered credit card.

For RM101.50 and dinner for three, not bad, right?


  1. Food looks good. Punya lama se teda fly to KL. I need to find time to explore the food, cafe and hiking spots there.

    1. Come come.
      Here also got syiok trail ultra 😬

  2. The food looks very sedap. Nice presentation too.

  3. Wah your blog got new look! Nice :)

  4. I would be so disappointed if I was expecting prawns but was served mussels instead. They should have told you aboit the change. luckily the mussesls taste good so all is well.

  5. Wild mushroom soup looked dark and creamy.

    Mussels! Give me. Lol.

  6. After eating this, you can always burn the calory by running.

  7. I eat mussels, but still prefer shrimps...


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