Milo Breakfast Day Run Putrajaya 2018

Milo Breakfast Day Run is pretty much an event that is anticipated by many, and it was back with a bang this year with plenty to offer.

Milo Breakfast Day Run started with Kuching edition on 1st July, followed by Kota Kinabalu on 8 July, Kuantan on 15 July, Pulau Pinang on 22 July, Johor Bahru on 28 July, Kota Bahru on 4 Aug and finally a two-day event in Putrajaya on 11 & 12 Aug.
We registered for family category (our family plus his siblings & their kids) and ran 3K on Saturday, 11 Aug, 2018.

Both Putrajaya Milo Breakfast Day saw number of 16K runners (for each run) and 20K in total for both runners and non-runners who registered at the non-runner booth on event day (and again it was 20K for each day!).

This run is so popular, registration gets filled up within days!

Despite the HUGE numbers, the crowd was orderly and superbly managed by the team.

There were 5K and 3K categories and each category was flagged-off in waves.

The Start Line and Finish Line were located away from the main event area in front of Palace of Justice and it certainly helped to make the area less crowded.

Thumbs up also to the crew who ensured that only runners with bibs cross the Finish Line and enter the Finisher tent to collect their medals and goodies bag.
The goodies bag was filled with awesome Milo goodies and also included apples, bananas, mineral water and breakfast coupon. Non-runners who registered themselves that day also received the same items in their goodies bag except the medal lah (obviously).

And this is one of the reason why this Milo Breakfast Day Run is such a hit with everyone especially those with families.

It was great to see kids running happily, either alongside their families or seeing their parents having to keep up with them!

And once in a while, events such as Milo Breakfast Day Run let avid runners take a breather from competitive run and enjoy running with their families instead.
Son ran with his cousins and kept them company all through the 3K route.
Even my 5-year old nephew completed his 3K run on his own and happily. 

Either running or walking, these kids were all CHAMPIONS!
Of course, what's the point of going to a Milo run if one doesn't stuff oneself silly with Milo drinks? LOL

Plenty of Milo booths and vans were placed at race venue to accommodate the 20K registered crowd and again, everything was well managed.  

There were also plenty of games and activities available at race venue and Zumba sessions every 30 minutes or so.

For us, it was really a great Saturday morning outing with the family and get some sweat out.

Photos taken at Milo Breakfast Day Run Putrajaya on 11 Aug 2018 can be view at our Facebook page Cik Arnab & En Kura-Kura.

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  1. It's great that even the clan were involved :D It's good to see the little ones taking part.

    1. Yup. That's why this event is so popular

  2. The goodies bag was awesome. So much goodies.

  3. Even non-runners get the same goodies bag!? Wow! Really good.

    1. Yup. Just go & register at their booths.


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