Kuantan's Car Free Morning At Kuantan Santai Sihat Lestari 2018

We were in Kuantan for the weekend and by chance, I saw a poster of a free event at Majlis Perbandaran Kuantan on Sunday morning.
I had been looking for options of places to run while we were in Kuantan and had initially planned to do some loops at the jogging track in Taman Gelora but the Kuantan Santai Sihat Lestari 2018 sounded interesting.
It's essentially a car free morning as the route was supposed to be fully closed to traffic between 7.00am to 10.30am. I mentioned "supposedly", because there were still vehicles plying the route before 7.30am and after 8.30am but thankfully, not that many.
I had actually started my arm up from the hotel that we stayed in, which was around 2.6km away from Majlis Perbandaran Kuantan where the event was held. 
Participants were already flagged off when I arrived so I just continued my run and joined them. I managed to catch up with the crowd pretty soon as most were just enjoying their Sunday morning walk with friends and families. That was good and heartening to see.
Apart from runners and walkers, there were a number of cyclists and even families riding on the "beca" style bicycles. Runners and walkers kept to the right while cyclists were on the left.
The crowd thinned out after I passed Kompleks Teruntum and by the second loop, after I did the first 5K loop; I was pretty much running alone on the road.
A penguatkuasa near Kompleks Teruntum told me that I can cut short the course and finish up but I told him that I intended to run my complete route.

Because, after a short stop for a drink at the water station set up by 100-Plus at the Event site, I had asked a traffic policeman the time limit we were allowed to be on the road. Although the event lasted until 10.30am, we were informed we could run until 9.30am.

I noticed just as I was completing my 10km, two motorbikes were tailing me.
They were my escorts! 

The sweepers to ensure my safety. Thank you abang Penguatkuasa!

I asked another Penguatkuasa official about this event and whether it is held regularly in Kuantan and he replied that the event had been held several times in the past but the frequency and dates changes. 

One was to find out whether such event will be held is by checking out Majlis Perbandaran Kuantan's Facebook page.

I hope MPK does it regularly just like its Klang Valley counterpart does. Apart from letting Kuantan locals enjoy a healthy event, it can be a draw for tourists and visitors to Kuantan too and a way to explore the city.

I did and I certainly enjoyed it. I also had fun talking to locals that morning. 


  1. Nice way to explore new place. I haven't been to Kuantan.

  2. wow! you were in Kuantan on the right weekend all by coincidence and enjoyed your run very much.


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