Buses Around Phuket

For our recent trip to Phuket, we chose to take the buses to get around instead of choosing taxis or tuk-tuks.

From the Phuket International Airport, we took the airport bus to the Old Town area.

The airport bus is located in front of the arrival hall at the Domestic Terminal of Phuket International Airport and the buses run on an hourly basis (kinda). 
 Pretty much like taking the Rapid KL buses lah...
It only cost us 100 Baht for the ride from the airport to Phuket Town. Payment is collected by a bus conductor so easy lor...

We also took the airport bus again on our return trip and we boarded the bus at the Phuket Bus Terminal.

Pretty easy and straightforward.

Apart from staying in Phuket Town, we also spent a couple of night in Patong.
To get around, we chose the blue local bus (song taews).

Pretty easy also to board them as we could stop them anywhere.
If taking the old bus mini wilayah, we "masuk dalam" if we were standing, for the song taews, we scoot inside while sitting on the long bench to make space for other passengers.

It cost 30 Baht per ride. Public transport is expensive there lah... compared to riding a bus here. Right?

Payment was to the driver, he either stops the bus and went around to collect the fares mid-trip or we pay to him after we alighted.

There were plenty of taxis and tuk-tuks of course but we didn't take any of them. It was already fun taking the bus and listening to conversations in it. Sometimes between locals and tourists and sometimes between tourists.


  1. the way you described your experience make taking buses sound so exciting! :)

    1. Well, it was. It's a chance to meet people. 😀


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