Malaysia Day Bargain with Foodpanda

Have you been utilising FoodPanda's 62% promo code and ordering-in your meals? We did!

The promo code is applicable for orders of above RM31 from Friday to Monday (starting from 7/9 - 16/9/19). Discount is capped to RM31 though but no biggie. It's still a great deal!

We decided to use the code and ordered from one of our favourite neighbourhood restaurant, Croutons by Gourmet Seductions. 

Let's see how we fare.
Delivery of our meals came in this nice paper bag.
I ordered Eggs Benedict with smoked salmon.

It's RM33.50 but only RM12.75 after using the promo code.
Son ordered Spaghetti Bolognese.

RM25.00 original price, RM9.50.
Hubby ordered their Squid Pasta, original price RM26.20 and after discount RM10.00.

What's great is also that Croutons by Gourmet Seductions offers free delivery for orders of above RM20.00 (and it's pre-discount amount).

So, for a meal that would usually cost us almost RM100, we got it for a mere RM30+. Such a bargain!

We're definitely utilising the promo code again next weekend!


  1. Very worth it and the food look pretty good too!

  2. Definitely is a bargain! So worth it!

  3. Nice paper bag. The food looked good and yumny as well. Wow, I want thay fried squid rings!!

  4. You really saved so much money and time too! Best of all, they tasted good.

  5. Oh yum, everything looks so delicious ☺☺


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