Checking Out Eco Trail Putrajaya Route - Part 2

We had another LSD session following the Eco Trail Putrajaya route on Saturday. You can read the first part of it here.

We started our walk from Taman Botani, Putrajaya again, and to get to where we had made a u-turn last time  and it took us about 4K.
It's always nice to past this area and look at the birds that are resting here.

If you visit Taman Wetland, you do get to see plenty of birds flying about, so do enjoy them when you run in the Eco Trail Putrajaya. As one of the largest man-made freshwater wetlands in the tropics, the Taman Wetland Putrajaya is made up of the Wetlands Park (138 hectares) and the wetland areas (1,977 hectares). It is recognised by UNESCO as an Ecohydrology Demonstration Site, a place where researchers can observe the interactions between water and the ecosystems. The wetlands has a high rate of biodiversity due to its unique ecosystem.

Due to its surroundings, more than 100 species have been spotted around the Wetlands Park, making it a great place for birdwatching. Some of the birds that can be spotted here are Purple Swamphen, Jungle Fowl, Painted Storks, Pelicans, Swans and the Buffy Fish Owls.

We made it to KM14 point during our first route recce, and this video is the part between KM14-KM18 for 30K, 50K and 80K participants and it's probably KM9-KM13 for the 15K route.
Along this route, the trail took us beside IOI Resort and Palm Garden Golf Resort. We even found a stray golf ball at the trail! Be careful here, who knows a stray golf bal might hit you! Hehe

We bumped into a couple of groups of cyclists but no runners. We also bumped into workers maintaining the area (they were cutting/pruning the bamboo trees this time it seems, and also TNB contractors on their 4WD.
After a relaxing trail watching birds flew by, we finally made a left turn at KM18 and went uphill. 15K runners will continue straight on the path, all the way to their Finish Line.
And now, we're in Presint 12, Putrajaya.

The Presint has a nice roundabout, with egrets featured!

From Presint 12, it is the road section for 30K, 50K and 80K participants.

It'll be hot for us slower runners when we reach this part so prepare to feel "blergh" when you tackle this part of the route.
After about a mile, we reached Sekolah Alam Shah in Presint 1.

We continued our way to Presint 14, passing Alamanda.

No need to rush to Alamanda if you need to buy anything or want to hide in an air-conditioned place as Presint 14 is just a little bit further ahead.

The route now will be busy with traffic, so do be careful!

We stopped at Speedmart in Presint Diplomatik to buy some cold drinks before continuing our journey.

There are plenty of shops here, if you want to have a rest before continuing - drink teh tarik at Mamak, buy cold drinks, drink coffee or even enjoy mee kolok at Dayang Sarawak! 

Going into Taman Rimba Alam, runners will get a bit of uphill section and some needed shade.

However, there is a section here, as we approached Presint 15 on an "abandoned" road where mosquitoes will probably annoy a lot of runners.

30K participants will enjoy a downhill section in this part of their route at Presint 15 as they now will head straight ahead back to Taman Botani, with just a few KMs to go.

Exiting Presint 15, we're back to Presint 1 and with just a few KMs to go to finish.

The route is flat but can be rather mental under the sun.

Hang in there, and pretty soon you'll see the "Floria" sign and then, you'll almost reach your finish line!
We had fun checking out the route and sharing it here.

See you guys next Saturday, if you're participating in Eco Trail Putrajaya or f you'll be there to support your friends and family.


  1. Nice wetland. I love to watch the birds.

    Did you keep the stray golf ball??

  2. Looks like a nature route, very nice. Hope no stray golfs hit anyone and that participants will put on enough mozzies repellant to keep them at bay for the mozzies section.

    1. Just run fast enough so no need to stay at the area too long! Haha


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