Halal Malaysian Chinese Cuisine And Seafood At Golden Valley

Golden Valley has a new outlet at Melawati Mall, and the outlet just had its grand opening recently in September.

We were there on a wet Saturday evening. Hubby and I were feeling quite famished as we had done our 18K LSD along the Ecotrail Putrajaya route earlier in the morning.

But first, let's see Hubby's intro on the restaurant.

Teaser first. Hehehe

The restaurant became quite busy with endless stream of diners after Isya'. We arrived before 8pm when it wasn't full yet.

So, what did we ordered?
The dish that we've been quite excited to try and even made a reservation for it.
For perspective purpose. That is one HUGE CRAB!

Their crab is specially air-flown from Indonesia and is priced at RM16/100gm. Each crab weigh around 600 - 800gm.

I was informed by the staff that the crabs are flown-in twice a week. The staff told us, there are regular customers who will come and order four crabs per sitting! And there were also disappointed customers who couldn't get their crab fix.

So, you know that their crabs are quite sought after.

That night, we were told that only one crab were left.

Nasib baik sudah reserved. Hehe

The crabs can be cooked either with the 'Signature Chili Sauce' - a chef's recommendation which is what we ordered, or 'Butter Cream Sauce', 'Deep Fried in Chilli & Pepper, Hong Kong Style', or 'Marmite Sauce'.

We also ordered mantou (RM10) to eat with the sauce.
Oh ya, before our food were served, Anna (the friendly assistant manager) came with this sauce tray. They have everything for your sauce need, even sambal belacan!
Enjoying my crab claw.

We can't only eat crabs for dinner, right?
Our choice for vege - crunchy Lotus Roots with Mixed Nuts (small - RM20).
I am more familiar with Japanese style mapo tofu and this was the first time I tried the tangy Szechuan Mapo Tofu (small - RM16).

For a small serving, the portion was huge even for the three of us!
We didn't need to wait long for all our dishes and they were served in rapid succession by the outlet's efficient and friendly staff.

Next up was Kam Heong Style Lala (Clams), Stir Fried with Dried Shrimps in Brown Sauce. Again, we chose the Small serving (RM22).
Son monopolised this Fresh Water Prawns cooked in Chef's Special Sauce (RM25/100gm).

A Tiger Prawn weigh around 200 - 300gm each, by the way.
Next up was our fish dish, and we ordered Sea Bass Steamed in Superior Sauce (RM9/100gm).

Sea Bass served here weigh around 600 - 1000gm.
It was indeed the perfect style for us.

It was light and not heavy at all and we really enjoyed the flesh.

We felt like we ordered a lot of food, but as we enjoyed every dish thoroughly, we didn't seem to have any trouble finishing everything right to the last morsel.

Everything was delicious!
We ordered Chrysanthemum Tea by the Pot (RM12) and the staff always made sure to refill our cups and also top-up hot water into our pot.

Really can't fault the attentive service provided by Golden Valley's team.
We ordered something light for desserts and shared this Longan & Sea Coconut (RM6). Light and refreshing, and the perfect ending for a marvelous dinner.
We certainly had a great dinner at Golden Valley Melawati Mall.

Apart from delicious food served, the team at the outlet certainly made our dinner more memorable.

Despite a busy night, they were attentive and spent time answering our questions. They even obliged a group photo with me after dinner!

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  3. Golden Valley, their halal seafood restaurant at Melawati Mall
  4. Harley's, their no frills all natural Burger and fried chicken cafe at DC Mall, Damansara Heights and Third Avenue, a Cyberjaya
We'll have some vlogs review on the dishes we enjoyed at Golden Valley soon, so stay tuned and FOLLOW us at our Facebook page, Cik Arnab & En Kura-Kura for more updates and review.


  1. Wow. The crabs must be good. I could drool looking at the food photos.

    I like longan and sea coconut dessert.

    1. The food was indeed delicious.
      So syiok enjoying the crab. Hehe

  2. Love the all ladies group photo! The food looks so delicious, especially the crabs and the fish! Yummy!

    1. Yup, everything was delicious.


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