Checking Out The Eco Trail Putrajaya Route

Hubby and I registered to run in the 30K at Eco Trail Putrajaya on Oct 26, 2019.

The run will be held in conjunction with the 80th Anniversary celebration of Malaysian Nature Society (MNS) in championing nature conservation and wildlife protection through research and advocacy in Malaysia.

There are 5 distance categories offered - 80K, 50K, 30K, 15K and 5K.

Putrajaya route is not a strange route for us as we used to train here and even did long walks with the family, like the stroll we did at Taman Wetland ages ago (blog post: A Stroll In Taman Wetland or Sunday Outing with Hubby or the 50K LSD that we did in memory of a friend who had passed away which we called "Darussalam Fun 50").

Admittedly, we haven't done much running or walking around Putrajaya these past few years so we decided it would be nice to re-visit the route and also check out part of the Eco Trail Putrajaya race route before race day.

And we decided to make a video of it and share it on our Facebook page, Cik Arnab & En Kura-Kura.

We started our walk from Taman Botani which is where the Eco Trail Putrajaya will be flagged-off.

The race route takes us along the lakeside in Taman Botani first before we head off to Taman Rekreasi Air and then to Taman Wetland.

This first few kilometer is on a pavement and with plenty of shades.

Then, we're off to Taman Rekreasi Air.

Here, a mix of gravel and tarmac awaits runners.

By the lakeside, we can see plenty of anglers and picnickers.

Walking towards Taman Wetland.

Not much shade here and can be hot even under the morning sun.
I love the view and reflection of this view, which you can see from afar at Taman Botani and nearer as we reach Taman Rekreasi Air and heading to Taman Wetland.

Plenty of birds around the area and such a sight to see.

Entering Taman Wetland.

The 15K runners will only cover a little part of this section before making a u-turn and continuing on another route.

30K, 50K and 80K runners will cover more of this area, which we will show in our subsequent videos.

The section of Taman Wetland which will be covered by 30K, 50K and 80K runners.

It's a gravel track and very flat. There's a section where runners will be running on a pavement. Do be careful about tripping as the pavement is not smooth with jutting bits here and there.

This part of the route will be covered by the 15K, 30K, 50K and 80K runners.

But instead of continuing on, we made a u-turn when we reached KM14 of our exploration and walked back to Taman Botani.
We only did 18K that day and we will probably check out a bit more of the route that we didn;t explore next Saturday.
The actual 30K race route, as provided by the race organiser.

Despite the heat (we started at 9am), we thoroughly enjoyed our walk. The COT for 15K (4 hours) and 30K (8 hours) are very generous and I suppose, Hubby and I will just take it easy and enjoy the scenery and company come race day.

For all participants of Eco Trail Putrajaya, good luck and enjoy your run!

See you there on Oct 26, 2019.


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