Foldie Ride Around Raub Town

When we were back to my hometown in Raub last month, we decided to do a short ride around Raub town with our foldies.

On Sunday morning, after a Nasi Dagang breakfast at a stall located right across Taman Syahbandar, we started our ride.

It was a Sunday morning, so the traffic wasn't heavy yet. From Sg Lui, we cycled down to Taman Raub Jaya 3. There were two Dataran Musang King on both sides of the road around this area, with a number of durian stall (obviously) set up. The durian stalls next to the BHP petrol station are no longer there.

It was pretty much riding towards some scenic spots around the town area. Nothing too strenuous. Just makan angin ride, while reminiscing the route I used to take getting to school here some 30 years ago.
This white bridge located at The Colonial House (nearby Taman Raub Jaya 3) is quite a popular spot for photo taking.

When we arrived, a group of cyclists (road bikes and mountain bikes) was taking a break there. Other than them, there was no other visitors at the time.
Then it was back to the town centre.

While taking photos of our foldies here, someone offered to take our photo with the clock tower. Turns out, he was interested in our foldies and asked our permission to take photo with our foldies.

Ya, no need to ride up to Bukit Fraser to take photo with a clock tower lah. Raub town also got. Hahaha
Then it was an uphill ride towards Raub's rest house so that I can pose with this sign.
Then, we made our way to Taman Tasik Raub before riding back to my parents' house.

We opted out heading to Simpang Kallang and Sempalit and visit the Kacang Goreng Sempalit factory because we didn't want to face the hills again on our way back. Haha
It was just a very short ride of 14K around town. My father was quite surprised to see us finishing our ride so early because we had to told him we wanted to do Laman Pesona-Dong-Raub loop. LOL

More photos taken during the ride can be viewed here at my Facebook post.


  1. Your photo 1 of nasi dagang has me drooling. So fun to cycle around your hometown. Your foldie must be very cute so the person wanted a photo with them.

    1. Folding bikes or foldies are the rage now 😁

  2. Are the fold-able bicycles as good as the normal ones? :D

    1. I'm always of the opinion, a bicycle is as good as the owner's strength to ride it.

  3. That is one good way to explore and going around. On bike!!!

  4. Looks like you had fun exploring the neighbourhood


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