Our Birthday Beach Vacation in Kuantan

We actually planned on celebrating our birthdays (mine was on Sep 21 and Hubby's on Sep 23) in Krabi. Alas, COVID-19 happened.

Taking advantage of the many promo hotel rates during MCO, we made a reservation at Hyatt Regency Kuantan instead. We booked our rooms for three nights for just RM300+ per night!

We still get our beach vacation after all!

Our room with a view.

It was so nice to just sit and listen to the sound of waves. But we didn't just spend our vacation in our room!

I had made an early online check-in in the morning and received an alert that our room was ready so we managed to check-in early.

At around 4pm, we decided to jalan-jalan around the nearby beaches. We took out our foldies for a ride, and cycled from Teluk Cempedak to Dataran MPK and back, stopping along the way at Taman Gelora, Laman Teruntum and Pantai Teruntum.


It was quite fun, and it was easy and safe to navigate our bicycles around Kuantan's rather heavy Saturday evening traffic.

It was a short 20K ride, just nice as an "opening ride" for our vacation because we planned to cycle to some beaches in Terengganu the next day!

After the ride, and because we skipped lunch, we were looking forward to some nice dinner. We didn't really want to venture out too far so we opted to eat at one of the stalls in Teluk Cempedak.

We saved the more indulgent makan for another day/night.

We saw a nice stall at the end of the row of shop just opposite McD and had dinner there.

Beef sate. RM1 per stick. Quite nice so thumbs up for the sate.
We also ordered fried kway teow (RM7). It was nice too so another thumbs up.

SOP for entry to Teluk Cempedak Beach is strictly implemented which was good. The beach itself wasn't too crowded on Saturday night but was still abuzz with activities and visitors.

After walking by the beach for a while, we returned to our room to rest. We have another full day the next day to look forward to!


  1. So nice to have a beach vacation. I love the view from the balcony.

    1. Nice, right? Love the sound of the waves too.

  2. What a lovely beach vacation! Must be so relaxing to stroll by the beach

    1. Indeed. But we didn't spend too much time at the beach.

  3. Would love to have a vacation by the beach too. :D

  4. What a romantic and fun trip for your birthdays. You were so brilliant to bring along the foldies to kayuh around. I always had to rent bicycles and bikes. I miss Kuantan and stayed at Hyatt Regency long time ago. They have the best stretch of beach.

    1. Ya, foldie is very convenient and quite inconspicuous to bring around.

      Teluk Cempedak sure has a nice beach and very clean too!

  5. I love the beaches in Kuantan.. Good place for a short getaway..


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