Satar and Ikan Celup Tepung In Kemaman

On the way back from our cycling trip to Kerteh in September, and despite not being that hungry (we made several stops at roadside stalls along the way), we decided that we MUST make a stop at Warung Aziz Satar dan Otak-Otak in Kemaman.

If we didn't, we have to make another trip to Kemaman next time so might as well get it done and over with while we were still in Kemaman.

A bit sunburnt after all those cycling for hours.

I ordered Air Asam Boi (but didn't taste much of the asam) and Hubby ordered Cincau drinks.

Just a small order of Udang Celup Tepung and Sotong Celup Tepung for us. 100g of each. Enough to satiate our cravings.
And of course, Satar!

We also had some fried Keropok Lekor.

We couldn't finish the Satar and Keropok Lekor so we tapaued the leftovers and ate them later in our hotel.

Even hours afterwards, the Satar was still moist and nice. It's not too spicy and just nice for me.


  1. I was so fortunate that a relative went to Perhentian recently and on the way back, he bought some satar from this famous Warung Aziz for me to try. It was my first time eating and it was addictive.

  2. The udang and sotong celup tepung make me salivating. Tasty tempura.

  3. Oh, so satar looks like that. Is the minimum order 10 satar? Good decision to eat the satar since already in kemaman. I hope to taste satar one day.

  4. Have never ever seen Satar...that's a first for me. :D


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