Farm to Table Steakhouse Experience at Sungei Lembing Steakhouse in Kuantan

After a chance Ikan Bakar place find in Kerteh earlier (see our previous post), we had another happy chance find in Kuantan.

As we were heading back to our hotel in Teluk Cempedak after our evening excursion, which also included a stop at my old school nearby; we found a steakhouse along the road.

Now, if we were driving, I bet we wouldn't have noticed the shop or even if we did notice it, we wouldn't have stopped to check out the place. By cycling or walking though, one can spot more places because one is going at a more leisurely pace.

The place is called Sungei Lembing Steakhouse and as the name implies, they have a farm in Sungai Lembing. But the restaurant also serves choice cuts of Miyazaki beef and Wagyu beef too.

We looked at the menu and the prices seemed reasonable but then, we had no idea how the portion would be.

We ordered three dishes, just in case two weren't enough.

So we ordered BBQ Beef Ribs, Loin Lamb Chop and Smoked Beef Carbonara Spaghetti. To wash it all down, we ordered two mocktails (I can't remember their names though but it's quite reasonable at RM8 per glass).

Our mocktails. Very refreshing.
Our BBQ Beef Ribs arrived next. It was RM50 and for that price, I had expected something small suitable for one pax. This however, could easily feed three!

I actually gasped at the waitress when she came with the ribs. 
Our Loin Lamb Chop.

Us, with our food. But wait! We still had another dish to go! Alamak...
Our Smoked Beef Carbonara Spaghetti. Our carbo-loading for the next day's ride to Kerteh. Sorta.

Again, generous portion and very rich.

We tried hard to finish everything that we ordered but unfortunately, the portion for each dish was BIG and we had leftovers. *felt bad*

But we finished all the daging that were served. Leftovers were all carbs so all good. Hahaha

Our total meal was only RM136.00. 

The restaurant is located along the main road leading to Teluk Cempedak from Kuantan town. Its red and white facade is very striking so so keep an eye out to your left, if you're driving towards Teluk Cempedak.


  1. Sangat-sangat berbaloi! Cannot get this kind of portions for the same price in KL.

  2. The portions are so generous! So tasty. Sometimes we just have to leave food behind when we could not finished them and not convenient to take the remaining home.


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