Meaty Treat At Me'Nate

Our son is back home for his mid-term holiday last week and is supposed to return to campus on Sunday. But with the spike of COVID-19 cases and schools plus higher learning institutions being closed (not to mention the CMCO being enforced for Selangor, KL and Putrajaya), he will only return to campus at the end of the month and attend online classes this week. 

He had done a few tests for his core subjects and we had promised to "belanja him makan" because he did quite well so far. 

Daddy brought us to Me'Nate Steak Hub in Bangi.

We chose two grass fed striploin steak (can't afford wagyu!)
and lamb loin.

We shared all three steaks with each other so everyone can taste a little bit of everything.

It was a very nice dinner, and only set us back RM200+ and definitely worth every ringgit. 

Disclaimer: We visited Me'Nate on Oct 10th.


  1. Meaty indeed and of course yummy too. :D

  2. Good idea to share because for me, I will have a tough time deciding between steak or lamb!

  3. What a good Prince you have who always made mummy & daddy proud & happy.

    My wife's different nephews and nieces are giving their parents endless nightmares instead. Bad parenting I would say and worst of all, they come after me to help too! I got no kids and experience which you know that too. Muahahahahaha

  4. Well done to your son! Good celebration with sharing of meals so everyone gets to taste everything.


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