Sunday, 15 August 2010

Joining The Herd At Dawn

Well, actually we went to the Immigration Department on Saturday to renew our passports. It was our second weekend to the Immigration Office. We were unable to get our passports renewed the week before due to the daily number quota had run out so last Saturday we were up really, really early to make sure we get to the front of the queue.
It was still dark when we got to the Immigration Office at Pusat Bandar Damansara at 20 minutes to 7.00, yet the queue was already forming in front of the Immigration office. o.O
Being herded to make an orderly and neat line made me feel somewhat like I'm a cattle! XD Though kudos for the Immigration officials in making sure we lined-up properly. You knowlah us Malaysians kan? Very hard to queue up properly one! The officials also made sure that no one tries to stealthily cut queue!

Coming at 6.50am to queue, we got our numbers : #31, 32 & 33. The quota of applicants served on Saturday & Sunday at Pusat Bandar Damansara branch are 150 for normal applicants and 50 for special applicants (OKU, above 55, pregnant women & children below 2 years old). So, if you want to get your passprts done on weekends, make sure you arrive early to queue!

Going through the renewal process was a breeze. The staff were professional and efficient so by 10.00am (the Immigration opens at 8.00am on weekends), we got our spanking new passports.


  1. they r so under staffed? jus terrible

  2. @bengbeng,
    well, this is on weekends so there were more crowd (like us who chose to come on weekends only) and to be fair, the officials are efficient doing their work. It's just that as you know, there are a quota of how many they served in each day and once that number is reached, they close the nombor giliran counter. Of course, it is not an ideal way to deal with the crowd but there you go - it is the government we are talking about.

  3. at damansara, memang pack.. luckily there's a immigration place here near kajang, don't have to go so far.. last time have to go damansara and omg, have to wait hours and hours.. *shoot myself*

  4. @Bella,
    Mmg dulu kitaorg pegi Kajang but Kajang doesn't open on weekends. Only Pusat Bandar Damansara or Shah Alam so what to do... because we cannot go on weekdays - ponteng sekolah lah anak I kalau go on weekdays. XD

  5. What an effort! Good job! Nowadays, at least there are so many outlets unlike previously. Getting ready for Japan, eh?

  6. getting it on the same day is consolation enough. btw, don't you have online application yet?

  7. the trick is to bring along the kids :)

  8. @Happysurfer,
    Yes and some open on weekends too which is really great for those who can't come on weekdays.

    28 more days for Japan. *^-^*

  9. @Girlie,
    They are talking about it but as yet,no online application yet.

    But the process just take about a coule of hours. The pain was getting the number to ber served. :D

  10. @Johnny,
    Not just any kid, kids below 2 years old!
    Otherwise, make sure you are pregnant! ;D

  11. Good job! Now you're ready to go :)

  12. @Evan's Mom,
    Almost ready. Next step : visa application. :)

  13. Hahahaha....
    malaysian really don't like to queue properly kan? I just hate it when someone will jump queue in front of me.

    Waaaaa, Immigration Department open their office on sunday ka?

  14. @zezebel,
    Certain immigration offices do open on weekends and that greatly help those who ca't get away on weekdays. :)

  15. i hate the line and waiting time to renew passports good thing i can renew my passport here and not needing to fly back home

  16. @Ayie,
    I read that your Embassy in US no longer accept mail-in renewal from a blog somewhere. Is the Embassy near your home?

  17. Not so near, it's in San Francisco about an hour + drive and it's always traffic there. I don't need to renew til 2013 so for now I can still relax.

  18. @Ayie,
    Lucky you only need to do the trip once in every few years. :)



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