Mall Trawling : The Curve

We went to get our passports renewed last Saturday, and that done we head off the The Curve for a spot of window shopping.
With the Hari Raya (Eid) celebration in a month's time, The Curve put up a nice Malay kampung decoration at their centre court. Nice, right? But it is kinda reminiscent of Mid Valley's deco a few years back.

One thing I like about The Curve is the lack of crowd. It may not be the best situation for the tenants there, but for me, walking around the mall without bumping into other shoppers every few seconds is relaxing. You bet you can't get this relaxed shopping at Mid Valley during the weekends!
Raimie tried on a few baju melayu to wear for the Hari Raya. Just because we'll be flying off to Japan for our vacation on the 3rd Raya doesn't mean we are not celebrating the day! We need to buy a songkok for him too.

Do you know that we spent last year's Raya in Tokyo? We went to the Malaysian Embassy's open house on the first Raya decked out in baju maelayu and baju kurung, taking the train from Tawaramachi to Shibuya. 
Me and Raimie at Omotesando station. Raimie took off his baju melayu after visiting the Malaysian Embassy due to the hot weather. It was much more comfortable wearing a t-shirt.


  1. i have heard abt the curve. but this is the first time i have seen it in pics. enjoy yr trip to Japan

  2. Never been to the Curve. But I can see that the decoration is nice. I would love to take photos there.

  3. @bengbeng,
    we definitely will enjoy our trip. :)

  4. @Willie,
    And it was easier to take photo there because of the lesser crowd and you don't have to fight for a spot with every Tom, Dick and Harry wanting to take photos. XD

  5. and we're also working on J's passport and hubs' renewal =P'

    happy weekend lina!

  6. @Ayie,
    Happy weekend to you guys too! :)

  7. nice..but yeah looks like midvalley few years ago..oh but i like midvalley's deco this year..with the keretapi tanah melayu set-up..i thin i'm gonna go midvalley one of these days just to snap some pics! :)

  8. @Bella,
    I was thinking of going to snap some photos at Midvalley later today. That is, if the crowd isn't so bad. You knowlah, ramai giler orang kat sana. huhuhu

  9. How is Raimie coping with fasting? :D

  10. @bengbeng,
    So far so good. This year, he is able to fast the whole day. Sometimes he'll whine a bit about being hungry but if its too near to breaking fast time, I just remind him that some people don't even have the luxury of having food waiting for them to appease their hunger and he'll try to last the whole leg. I'm so proud of him.
    I'll let him eat if his hunger starts way too early in the day though. ;)

  11. Shopping for Eid already? Malls are still relatively "normal" around here, maybe people are waiting till they get Hari Raya allowances (which will due next week) before start shopping for Eid. So did Raimie get baju Melayu he wanted?

  12. @Evan's Mom,
    Am thinking of looking for Raimie's baju melayu today before our iftar at Boulevard Hotel.

    There is the Malaysia Mega Sale now, so even without the Raya crowd, malls are crowded. @.@

  13. done rayyan passport finally.. tu pun 2nd weekend sbb ramai sgt org.... btw pergi japan lagi ke this raya?

  14. @Yatie,
    tp buat utk Rayyan cepat sikit la kot sebab boleh pegi kaunter special.

    Yap, tahun ni raya ketiga we all fly to Japan. :)

  15. The Curve Raya decor is not bad but you should check out Sunway's Decor, I simply lurve it :D

  16. @Nick,
    Haven't been to Sunway in ages... Can I see the photos at your blog, Nick? ;)


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