Play Time With My New Toy

I've gotten myself a new camera which I wrote about in my other blog; Urutora No Hi.  On saturday, Zaini and I decided to take the camera out to Lake Garden and practice with it.

We arrived 20 minutes before 7 and it was still dark at the Park. We walked around the Park for about 2.5 hours before making our way back.

Some of our  practice shots :
Looking forward to more practising and more outing!


  1. Wooow.
    That is a wonderful picture lina.
    I love the picture of the flower.

  2. @zezebel,
    Zaini took that photo. We took turns trying out the camera on Saturday.:)

  3. awww jealous.. i wish i have a new camera.. :P

  4. Wah u got yourself a Sony digicam? nice... I;m sure it can take good photos for you and you are off to Japan? Wow! how many times are you going there?

    Show us many photos yeah?

  5. @Bella,
    no need to be jealous. Go get urself a new one too. ^_^

  6. @Willie,
    Yes, I did. A Sony NEX-5. :)

    Japan? Not sure how many more times we'll go there, but this year's trip is our 7th. :D

    I definitely take plenty of photos there!

  7. Wow, fantastic shots. That reflection and flower is amazing. You've a great toy there :)

  8. @Poetic Shutterbug,
    Thanks. :) Am enjoying myself with it. ;)

  9. Nice close ups. Did you use manual or its default setting? I need a new camera too, my camera LCD cracked while transiting in Dubai *sob*

  10. @Evan's Mom,
    I was playing with the aperture setting. :)
    You should have bought a duty free camera at Dubai! :D

  11. great shots my dear...oh that flower, I used to flick its bud to hit my playmates like a finger sling shot...hehhehe bad li'l me

  12. @Ayie,
    Raimie used to pick those flowers too, when I took him for a walk around our apartment when he was small. :)


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